"One day Tenmon's Black Rabbit" animated, the original author created a special story from the idea collected on Twitter

Light novel "Someday Tenma 's black rabbit(When heaven)It was announced that it will be converted to TV animation.

In this work, I have done an interesting project to gather ideas and requests for animation on Twitter's hashtag "#itsutenanitsuku", collecting ideas from this gathered tweet, and placing an original story that is not broadcast on TV as a whole 1 episode It seems to make minutes. It is the creator of the original story to make a draft from the tweetKagamineyaMr.

Details of animation are from the following.
Someday Tenma 's black rabbit

"Someday Tenmon 's Black Rabbit" is a light novel by Kagamineya, and from this year he has published six volumes of this volume and two high schools. Although it was revealed that an animation planning is in progress in the 2nd volume of high school edition released on October 20, 2010, animation was formally announced in January 2011.

To celebrate animation, we are implementing readers' participation-oriented projects on original animation (recorded in a bibliography with anime DVD) not broadcast on TV with Twitter's hashtag "#itsutenanitsuku". Using the hashtag "#itsutenanitsuku" to Tweet such as "When you want to see this extraordinary extra edition animation!" "Tweet this episode that this character is active!" When this original tweet is based on this tweet, an original episode is created Thing. By the way, it is Mr. Kagiya, the original author, who will make a draft from the tweet.

In addition, Mr. Kagami himself /I think it would be nice to have a holiday to Mirror MirrorI tweeted the idea that,Official account (@ info_itsuten)By "I think that it is good to tell a story that Mr. Kagami will advance the deadline to take a vacation (laugh)"It was turned back to.

"Animation made in 2010"The Legend of the Legendary HeroesHowever, Mr. Kagami did various kinds of work besides the main part, such as posting a column in the e-mail magazine, but will it be like doing the same thing in "When in heaven" ...?

By the way, the original volume 7Someday Tenma's black rabbit seven by goodbyeWill be released on January 20. People who want to know the original in seeing animation may be just right timing to follow.

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