10-year old girl found supernova, updated youngest record

ByNASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

A celestial body that emits light with your own power like the sun is called a "star", but when that star finishes his life it causes a massive explosion, as if a star were to be born newly I will release it. Although this explosion phenomenon is "supernova", it is said that a 10 - year - old girl has discovered a supernova recently. The supernova discovery at the age of 10 is the youngest record.

Details are as below.
CBC News - New Brunswick - N.B. girl youngest to discover supernova

(PDF)Ten-year-old New Brunswick Girl Discovers Exploding Star

According to the Canadian Royal Astronomical Society's announcement, Kathryn Aurora Gray (10) who lives in Fredericton, Canada, discovered the supernova. Kathryn photographed a photograph of the galaxy on New Year's Eve, along with astronomer Paul Gray (who seems to be Kathryn's father) and David Lane. On local time January 2, I found a supernova in the picture. It is the seventh for Paul, the fourth for David, and the first supernova discovery for kathryn.

The position of the supernova found this time is theUGC 3378Near the galaxy, the brightness of the galaxy is 15 grade, the brightness of the supernovae is 17 grade (the bigger the number, the darker it is).

In Japan, I have to go to the suburbs for a while in order to see a shooting star, so I feel envious somewhat. Even so, the middle name "Aurora" is the name that the parents' hobby can be felt.

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