The possibility of giving a good impression when putting out glasses at job interview

There are a lot of places to worry about when you get an interview when you are hiring, such as the appearance of shirts and suits, bowing to enter and leave, but when you want to impress yourself with the interviewer, it is quite a nice way to wear glasses.

A survey shows that the impression that people wearing glasses receives is impressive for the place of interview. Of course it is not acceptable to wear glasses, but it seems to be classic but easy and effective as a means to change the impression given to the opponent.

Details of the investigation are from the following.Job interview tips: Wear glasses to look more professional | Mail Online

According to a survey conducted by the university of the eyesight examining doctor, when wearing glasses at the interview, it seems that the result that the impression of the interviewer is likely to be good was derived.

One-third of the respondents said that those wearing eyeglasses seemed more detailed to expertise, and 43% of people responded that they were more intelligent when wearing glasses It seems to be said that it seems to be.

An additional 6 percent of respondents found that they seemed to wear glasses for fashionable reasons. Also, 9% of respondents seem to think that glasses will make people more attractive.

According to Cary Cooper, a professor of psychology at Lancaster University, "Since companies want to hire intelligent employees in many cases, the old image that intellectuals are wearing glasses is still persistent It is not surprising, but as a matter of fact, there are plenty of reasons other than study to make your vision worse, you can also choose to wear contact lenses even if your eyes are bad, so glasses do not have to show intelligence It may be unreliable, "and points out that it is not a powerful icon to the extent that" you can pass if you wear glasses ".

However, Professor Cooper says, "Because I can gain confidence by wearing glasses and some people have better answers at interviews, I think you can expect a good psychological effect by wearing glasses So, if you use eyeglasses in an amulet - like form, you may be able to get settled calmly at the interview.

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