The 87th Hakone Ekiden, an accident to mistake the course in a brisk battle on the verge of the goal of seed power

We celebrated the 87th timeHakone EkidenThis year, it was held for 2 days on January 2nd and 3rd. The development is dramatic because there is a mountain climbing · mountain ridge section which is hard to see in other races, and it is a tournament that often does not know where I will win the race until the end, but a lot of dramas have also been born at the convention.

In particular, this time it was a great battle that four schools competed at the remaining 300 meters with 3 seed rights (within 10th place), but what a surprising accident that the course will be mistaken in the middle of this fight Occurred.

Perhaps the state of the battle that might have been more intense than the top battle is from the following.
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Nation wide major course mistake incorrect ... slide into seed right: News: Hakone Ekiden 2011: Hakone Ekiden: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Looking at the picture it was like this.

YouTube - 87th Hakone Ekiden Kokugakuin College Goal Short course mistake

Expansion that four schools compete for 300 meters in front of the goal and 3 in the remaining seed rights.

Aoyama Gakuin University (2nd from the right, green tea in the green uniform), Kokugakuin University (right edge, the second row from the left), Nihon University of Physical Education , Purple in Orange / Black Uniform), Terada of the Kokugakuin is heading strongly at the top.

After that go straight to the goal.

However, since school officials and reporters are in front of the goal, relay cars and white-baires will turn right (on the left side of the screen) here. Terada is in a form to keep up with this.

In a hurry the guides and police officers move. In the meantime, the beginning will be the Nippon Univercity, followed by Aoyama College and Josai Nishi.

Terada got back.

Just run to the last straight line, then tape.

It has become quite a fight.

Nippon College, Aosui University gains 8th and 9th as it is. Terada played up the players in Josai and pushed up the rank.

Castle West player who collapses. After running over 20 km so far, even though I know that Terada is coming from behind again, I think that it was already the limits of physical strength. I am sorry for the 11th place of 3 seconds difference, but rather the stickiness of Terada is amazing.

That Terada players enjoyed "sea right" and getting seed right in the end. If I did not make a mistake on course I might have scored 8th and I am looking forward to running next year.

By the way, it was Waseda University that I won the first prize in 18 years since 1993. From the 1st section, the lead was expanded by the running of the section new record, and the 5th district of the mountain climb was taken to "the mountain god", but it was victory that being able to run at the upper pace in each section steadily.

On the other hand, Kashiwabara of Toyo University showed the fastest section award this year and led the Toyo University 3 consecutive victories. Although it was replaced by Waseda on the way back, I kept second place. Komazawa University who showed runs of the section prize at the mountain descent on the return route was in 3 rd place.

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