Started broadcasting "Kamichu!" At NHK from January 2011

From January of 2011, it will be in earnestNew animation in winterBroadcasting will start, but in that shadow the re-broadcast of the old work will also be done.

In January NHK coach Director Kousuzo Masunari "Kamichu!It is said to broadcast. Broadcasting is NHK - BS 2, the time is from 23th January (Sunday) from January 9th (Sunday)Spirit Detective YakumoAfter the show).

Details are as below.
NHK Anime World "Kamichu!"

"Kamichu!" Is "Junior high school student in God!"The title which put the meaning of the meaning, is a story depicting the life centered on the three people of the classmate Shijo Mitsuhisa, Saegusa Shrine, as well as Yuri Hitotsubashi, a junior high school student who is a bravery god. movies"Welcome to Space Show"And TV animation"R.O.D - READ OR DIE -"ofKoji MasunariCoach directed by Hideyuki Kurata and producer of Ogoshimo Tomonori, directed by director, formed the work "Bethame Mocho", which was made by director Masemi who raised the name by hitting "ROD" It is also a work.

It was broadcast only from June to September 2005, only on TV Asahi, Asahi Broadcasting (ABC), Mételle in Tomei Osaka (Metropolitan area · Chukyo area · Kinki area), but the stage of the work Was modeled in Onomichi district in Setouchi district, broadcasting on Onomichi Cable TV was done in 2006. In the case that the work not broadcasted at the local station is broadcast only in some areas in the near term from the end of the main broadcast, in addition to being broadcast only in Tomei Osaka'True tears' broadcasted by offer from local TV stationThere is an example, but it is extremely rare.

Although NHK may conduct concentrated broadcasting of old and masterpieces as 'Special Anime' according to long-term vacation at primary school and junior high school, this time "Kamichu!" Is broadcast on the regular broadcasting frame.

Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts FestivalIn addition to being selected as an excellent work,Japanese Media Arts 100 Animation DivisionIt is also a work elected to, and those who have never seen, please take a closer look at this opportunity.

◆ Cast
Yuri Hitohashi: MAKO
Saori Saori: Science of Morinaga
Mitsuhiro Shijyo: Minekaori
Miko Saega: Ai Nonaka
Kenji Ninomiya: Kazunari Miyazaki
Yashima sama: Kousuke Okano
Tama: Chiwa Saito

◆ Staff
Original: Besame Mocho
Director: Kousuzo Masunari
Screenplay: Hideyuki Kurata
Character original plan: Hayono Takaraku
Character design: Teruhiro Chiba
Production Design: okama
Music: Ikehiro Ike
Acoustic director: Hiroyuki Kikuta
Art: Yukihiro Shibuya
Color design: Utagawa Ritsuko
Photography: Atsuo Tsukioka
Edit: Masaki Sakamoto
Animation Production: Brains Base
Production: Aniplex

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