Best & Anime & Voice Actor ranking in 2010 selected by pro & amateur voice actor

Results of the questionnaire "2010 Best Animation & Voice Actor & Online Game" for 220,000 professional · amateur voice actor registered in the voice actor · narrator · talkative voice community "Koe Division" operated by kayak Had been announced.

Top 10 votes are presented in the ranking format about the animation that felt it was interesting in the year 2010 and the voice actor who was supporting the most this year, as a ranking that people of interest in voice work choose for It is quite interesting to see.

Ranking details are as follows.Division Awards 2010 | ○ ○ ranking chosen by members! | Voice part voice actor · narrator · voice-playing community

The user attributes of the target section which was the questionnaire target are as follows. The ratio of males and females is about 6: 4, middle and high school and junior high and high school students are the most frequented people, the number of university students and social workers is almost the same, and in terms of age, 10 to 19 years occupy more than half, young people It is quite a lot.

The difference between the targeted "professional amateur voice actor" is that both belong to the "kozabu" section, "amateur voice actor" is a user not particularly belonging to production, etc. "professional voice actor" is in production It refers to the user who belongs and is engaged in work as a voice actor, and "Pro voice actor" seems to be present about 5% of the whole user.

Gender: Male 39% Female 61%
Age: 10 - 19 years 58% 20 - 29 years 32% 30 - 59 years 6%
Occupation: junior high school student 34% high school student 30% college student and others 15% social worker 14% elementary school student 3% part-time worker 4%

Well then we will look at the rankings. "Favorite voice actor (male) department"Popular radio showCo-starring inHiroshi KamiyaWithOno DaisukeHe decided 1 or 2 finish, and showed its high popularity. In the third place is known as the role of Gin Sakata of "Gintama" and the role of Kyon of "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya"Tomokazu SugitaRanked in. Voice actors with a lot of second-hand roles are also on the top of the fourth place.

Then, the first place in "My favorite voice actor (female) division" breaks up in "Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya", and recently it has appeared many times in various variety programs as wellAya HiranoMr. Subsequently, because many people are fascinated by that voice, even the word "Kinugiya disease" was bornRie Kugimiya, And third role is Durarara !! Celty Sturlson role etc. This year was appearing in many worksSawashiro MiyukiMr. We decided to appear for the second year in red and white singing fightMizuki NanaWas ranked in fifth place.

"My favorite 2010 animation category" has caused a major boom,Tie-up products with Lawson are sold out in no timeThe most popular "K-ON !!" is the No. 1 place. Second and third place "Durarara!!"My sister can not be this cuteBoth of them are ranked in by the light novel original.

My taste changes somewhat from here, "favorite online game department". Operate NEXONMaple storyRanked first.

Last is "2010 I am addicted to this! Division". Various opinions seemed to have been received as the rough application conditions "Everything from Mon, People, and Events to OK!", Boom spreading mainly in Nico Nico DougaVocaloidHas exceeded the number of votes of words nico Nico Douga and entered second place, it is miscellaneous but it seems that the user's honest voice is exactly as it is and it is interesting.

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