Stephen King talks "All things to know to succeed as a novelist"


"Shining"MiseryFrom horror things like "Prison Rita Hayworth(The visualization title is "In the sky of Shawshank")" "Green Mile"We also worked on many novels such as non-horror, and many of the artistic work was also written by a number of authorsStephen King. Whether Steven King is now a novelist, he has given me 12 know-how on what to know in order to succeed.

This is what you can say about not only the novelist but also those who write things and creators in general.

King's talking twelve "things to know" is from the following.
Everything You Need to Know About Writing Successfully: in Ten Minutes - Great Writing Creative Writing Community

1. Talent · Tian
This is more than anything but fatal, but what is talent in the first place? A person who is aiming for an outposting novelist should be defined as talent = finally being able to succeed (publishing, earning money). If you write a check by someone, write something, and if that check is replaced with cash without being repelled by the bank, I think that it has you a talent.

2. Write cleanly
Use a typewriter (use word processing software). In that case, please leave one line at a time between the lines. Do not use thin paper that uses large white paper and can quickly disappear. If you are going to rewrite your manuscripts many times, using another manuscript paper.

3. Self-criticism
If you did not need to put too much effort on the manuscript you wrote, that is the result of you being lazy. Only God can do the right thing from the beginning. Do not become a manuke.

4. Cut away all irrelevant words
If you want to write a sentence for money, it is to make a point. If there is no point left after removing all unnecessary trash from the sentence, it is to break it and rewrite it from the beginning again.

5. I do not see reference books until I write the first draft
You want to write a story? that's great. Then, please clear all dictionaries, encyclopedia, World Almanac etc. It is still better if you throw it in the trash can. The word you have to find out from the dictionary is the wrong word. There are no exceptions to this rule. Maybe you made a mistake? In that case, please mark it and write it as it is pronounced for a while, please correct it later. If you do not know the biggest city in Brazil in the mind at all, you can check whether you can write Miami or Cleveland for the time being, but afterwards ... however, later. If you head for the desk to write, please write only. Apart from going to the toilet, please do not do anything other than errands that can never be postponed.

6. Know the market
A huge bat fly around high school ...... It's only stupid stories about stories, but people are always talking about that kind of story. Even if you write a good story, there is no point in putting out in an ignorant style. I will not throw out children with a short bread and a tank top in a snowstorm. If you like science fiction, please read SF magazines. If you want to write a story of repentance, please read such a magazine. It is not just a matter of knowing what is the correct answer as the current story, but gradually the likes and dislikes of editors and the tendencies of magazines will come to light. The judgment read here influences the next work and produces demand.

7. Write for entertainment
This is not to say that we should not write serious novels. I planted the idea that harmful commentators do not overlap pleasant novels and serious thinking, but thisCharles DickensNot to mention,Jane Austen,John Steinbeck,William Faulkner,Bernard MalamudOld novelists such as novelists would be surprised. Your serious, serious or serious idea will always be useful for your work.

8. Frequently ask yourself "Do you have fun now?"
The answer to this question does not always have to be "yes". However, if you become "no" anytime, it is time to start a new project or get a new job.

9. Evaluate "criticism"
Please show the work to ten people and listen carefully what they say. Smile, please bear with me as I see. Next, please examine in detail what you said. If critics all refer to the same aspect of the story, please change it. If you really like the habit of your work, it does not matter if a lot of people say that the work is somewhere, that is right. If 7 to 80 percent criticize the same place, I recommend you to change it. But if everyone (or most people) is criticizing different places, that is safe to ignore.

10. Observe all submission rules
A reply stamp and a return envelope, this is all.

11. I forget about the agent
The agent takes a 10% commission from the client. But 10% of zero is zero. The agent needs to pay wages, but the agent does not contribute to the novice's novelist and has no need. Please advertise as badly as you yourself. If you have written a novel, please send a letter of inquiry to the publishing company one by one, send a sample or send a copy. And do not forget the first rule of writers and agents that Steven King got through personal experience. "An agent is not necessary until you write something that will be stolen by someone, and when you write a lot, a good representative will pick it up."

12.If it's bad, kill it
Euthanasia is a violation of the law, but if it is a story of fiction it is law.

I feel that King who came to write sentences as a result of making a satire newspaper when he was a high school student reflects what he experienced in his novelist experience.

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