How fast will a new car lose its merchandise value

New cars cost money in units of 1 million yen at the time of purchase, but their value will gradually go down while they are on board. There was information that concretely showed with the mileage how much the product value is lost at what momentum.

Of course, I can not cash my feelings for that car, so please take care of that person's saying, "The value of one's own car is not lost!"

Details are as below.
Car Depreciation Infographic: How Fast Does My New Car Lose Value?

Before signing the purchase let's know how much the value of the new car will go down. hereNissan · Fairlady Z Z 34(370 Z overseas) is taken as an example.

The amount paid when purchasing a dealer is $ 19,873 (about 2.4 million yen).

It will be $ 27,314 dollars (about 2.2 million yen) down by 2559 dollars at a mileage of 1 km after just one minute. To the fact that the value went down 9% at the moment of running.

One year after purchase. The mileage reached 15,000 km, and the value is 24,146 dollars (about 1.94 million yen).

Four years after purchase, the mileage has reached 60,000 km. At this time, the value is roughly the first half of $ 14,593 (about 1.17 million yen).

And five years after purchase, the mileage was 75,000 km, the value dropped to 40% at the time of purchase at 10, 2069 dollars (about 97 million yen).

This is the total declining rate graph. At first it goes down and goes down but only goes down at a certain rate from there.

In summary, it means that 10% of the value is damaged at the moment the new car is acquired and moved, 15 to 25% value falls over 5 years from there, only 5% of the initial value is worth 40% of the initial value .

However, these figures are perspectives of selling off that car to the last. Because I can not convert the point that I go somewhere on a car and travel somewhere, serve as a leg of my life, leave various memories, I can not convert it into money, so I do not think that "What if I sell used in second hand? Would not it be the happiest to send my own car life?

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