Ten books that messed the world, which may not have been written

Book is a treasure trove of knowledge and has been continually giving inspiration to human beings, but sometimes disseminate mistaken information and biased viewpoints, disseminate war, mass killing, fear politics just cause name Sometimes it is used.

All influential books may have both good and bad influence on mankind, but in a book with a strong influence in history, the author will not do it Introducing a list that lists 10 volumes of "books that brought evil to the world", which must be said to have had more negative influences, such as books that cheated the reader, led to the death of many people I will.

It is not necessarily "a list of books that should not be read", so people who like reading might be interesting if you take the results brought by the book into consideration.10 Books that Screwed Up The World - Top 10 Lists | Listverse

◆ "A hammer given to a witch"(1487,Heinrich Kramer·James SprengerWork)

The dissertation on the witches written by Heinrich Cramer and Jacob Schupinger, who was a heretical hearing officer at Dominico, was bloody told that up to 40,000 people were executed in the whole of EuropeWitch HuntIt was a trigger to open the era of 1487 to 1520, and a further edition 16 was published from 1574 to 1669, and it was read as a handbook of the Inquisition Officers.

◆ "Monarch theory"(1532,Niccolò MachiavelliWork)

"Be merciful, not betraying people, humanitarian, honest and faithful. Although these qualities are not essential for the princes, it is essential that they seem to have these qualities. It is only useful for the monarch to have these qualities, but it is really useful to have these qualities in appearance. "The political book of MachiavelliNapoleonYaMussolini,HitlerContinue giving inspiration to various dictators such asStalinI put it on the bedside every evening and read it carefully and it is a book that led to the death of many people of posterity.

◆ "Communist Manifesto"(1848,Karl Marx·Friedrich EngelsWork)

trulyMarxismEven if it says whether the community that realized this book existed, whether the malice full of this book is intentional malice, whether it is abandoned privately of the land, confiscation of the property of the immigration , Heavy taxes, abolition of inheritance, etc. This book inspired a great many cruel actions and it can be said that this book is indispensable for citing books that brought harm to humanity .

◆ "Protocol of Zion Sageo"(About 1903, author unknown)

The first one held in Basel, Switzerland from August 29 to 31, 1897Zionist conferenceThis book which took the appearance that it is a resolution by 'elders of 24 people of Zion' announced at the seat ofRussian Empire Department of Interior Ministry of Police Department Security OfficeIt was published in Russia in 1903, published in various countries and languages ​​such as the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany, and it was published on the basis of anti-Semitic and Jewish conspiracy theorists And it also affects the Nazis, as a resultHolocaustIt can also be said to have caused.

Cover of the edition published in Chicago in 1934, "All patriotic Americans should read".

◆ "Democracy and education"(1916,John DeweyWork)

Hearing good education theory that "teaching thinking more than stuffing knowledge" had a great influence on public school education in the United States, and as a result, as a young generation of "unknown" lacking fact knowledge was born, It is listed in the book which had a big negative influence on the world. I guess it was rather advanced if written in 1916, is it like something like "clear space generation" in Japan? It seems that curriculum based on Dewey's education theory is still being built in New Zealand and others.

◆ "The Pivot of Civilization"(1922 ·Margaret SangerWork)

Margaret Sanger spreading contemporary contraceptive methods and family planningEugenicsIt was a proponent of ethnic purification, and it was from the eugenic motive of "to prevent breeding of persons with mental and physical disabilities" in the first place to spread knowledge on contraception and contraceptive devices.

◆ "Our conflict"(1925,Adolf HitlerWork)

A book with Hitler's idea of ​​"Hiring the land where the Germans live by warring France and Russia by mass murdering the Jews" was almost ignored at the time of publication in 1925, but 1945 It is said that 10 million copies have been published in Germany by the end of the war.

◆ "Coming of Age in Samoa (Adolescence of Samoa)"(1928,Margaret MeadWork)

It is said that Samoan girls exaggeratedly talked about their sexual lives exaggeratedly at age 23 as a fact that Mead of a cultural anthropologist full of academic, gender theory ambitions received seriously It is. Even though it was not intentional "enchants", it is a book that spreads knowledge different from the fact widely and cheats the reader, even after it is found that the written content is misidentified in fact, it is convenient for the feminist It seems to be a book that is quoted often because it was a research result.

◆ "Dr. Spock's childcare letter"(1946,Benjamin SpockWork)

A great best seller who is said to have sold 50 million books worldwide, it affected many mothers, fathers, educators and health care workers, but the book, also said that "child-rearing Scripture" was " "50,000 infants and children suffocated while sleeping due to this book (Sudden infant death syndrome) It is also said.

◆ "Darwin's Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution(New Challenge to Darwin's Black Box Life Statement) "(1996,Michael BehoeWork)

At the biochemical level, we call the concept of the existence of complicated structures that can not be fully explained as a result of evolution as "irreducible complexity" and argue that it is a rebuttal to evolutionIntelligent design"This theory which preaches the theory as if it is science,Christian fundamentalistsIs the argument that denies the theory of evolution.

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