"ONE PIECE (One Piece)" of the Weekly Shonen Jump Truck series, the cumulative circulation number has exceeded 200 million copies

Manga of Weekly Shonen Jump Tutorial "ONE PIECE (One Piece)It is said that the circulation of circulation of breakthrough breaks over 200 million copies.

Also, on November 4th, the 60th volumes of comics latest volume will be released, but its first edition number is 3.4 million copies, which means that it will rewrite the highest record in publication history. The previous record was 3.2 million copies recorded by "ONE PIECE" 59th volume.

Details are as below.
Shueisha 'Weekly Shonen Jump' official website shonenjump.com

ONE PIECE WEB (One Piece Web)

"ONE PIECE" is a manga series directed by Oda Eiichiro from 1997 to the Weekly Shonen Jump, a series of longevity serials that follows "A Kamatari Ward Kamari Park Presidential Demonstration" of Akimoto Osamu's serialization since 1976. Togashi Yoshihiro's "HUNTER × HUNTER" series which began in 1998, Masashi Kishimoto's "NARUTO" series which began serial series in 1999, Kubo's "BLEACH" which started series in 2001, etc. will support the popularity of the current jump It is a work that is not pushed and is a signboard work.

From 1999 on the second consecutive year, TV animation started also, and since 2000 the film has been produced every year, and that movie is alsoA level hit not at allI am skipping.

There are 4 works such as Dragon Ball of Akira Toriyama in the work of Shueisha's work, Akira Toriyama's "Dragon Ball" and other companies have exceeded 100 million copies of Atsushi Yazeya · Ayaka Hanasaki, etc, but the Shueisha Public Relations Office It is said that the speed of sales of "One Piece" is not in the past ".

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