Today, announcement of circle of comic market 79's circle

"Winter comic" scheduled to be held from 29th Wednesday to 31st December 2010 at Tokyo Big SightComic Market 79The announcement of the participation circle's participation will finally be held today.

Whether or not favorite circles will be elected for club participants as well as for general participants has a very significant meaning, what kind of results will be it?

Details are as below.
[] Information for Circle Information Registration & Correspondence Information Retrieval

Doujin download portal site "Circle.msAccording to the "Comic Market Circle Information Registration & Correspondence Search System" operated by the company, it seems that on-line retrieval of the information on leisure will be possible from 18:30 on Friday, October 29.

For retrieval, "Password", "Telephone number", "Date of birth", "Application number" are required as password items, and distribution of "Early Bulletin E-mail" whose e-mail is understood by e-mail before online retrieval is October 29 It is scheduled to be held at 18 o'clock.

Also, in order to use "Early Bulletin E-mail", you need to complete registration by 17:30 on October 29, but please be careful because registration of circle information can not be retrieved from mobile phones as well as fallback is.

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