A high-tech crime team succeeded in dismantling a botnet that sent 3.6 billion virus-containing mails a day


"We wrested in 2009,"Gumblar (Gumblar)Using a kind of Trojan horse called "Blad Lab (Bredolab)" with viruses used in the world, we have infected 30 million computers with viruses, even though we estimate less everywhere in the worldBotnetIt is said that it was dismantled on 25th October.

It seems that this botnet was sending 3.6 billion spam everyday at the end of 2009, and recently it seems that 3 million computers were infected in one month.

Details are as below.
3.6 billion heinous botnet dismantling of spam delivery

The virus infection of the sign called "gambler" in Japan around May 2009 wrought a rage. This is to tamper the Web site and embed the attack code, and infect the computer with malware by vulnerability of various software when the code is loaded. One of the malware used at this time seems to be a type of Trojan horse called "Blade Lab".

An attacker used "Blad Lab" to break into the computer and take over as part of the botnet.

The high-tech criminal team (THTC) of the Dutch National Crime Commission said in September 2010 that this botnet is the largest host provider in the NetherlandsLease WebWe have discovered that it diffuses using reseller rented servers. Following up on the trend, it seems that 3 million computers were infected every month. By the end of 2009, it was said that 3.6 billion emails were sent a day with Blade Lab attached.

The high-tech crime team found 143 computer servers that were being exploited and dismantled the bot network. On October 25th we issued a declaration saying "I have destroyed the botnet." On October 26, one of the masterminds of this botnet (27) is said to have been arrested at Yerevan Airport by the Armenian Police.

It is said that details on the relevance to the gambler attack in Japan and similar attacks are not yet clarified.

Does this mean that hen spam e-mails that have reached the mountain everyday do not come? Or is there a huge huge botnet like "Kukuku, that botnet is too much of our subordinate ... ..." further behind?

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