From now on information will flow around people, "next-generation television" "Takahashi Sasaki" "de-television device" "middle-media"

Tokyo International Anime Festival 2010 In autumn, Mr. Toshio Isao said "How will the media space of a video change"The theme was a keynote speech.

Mr. Sasaki made three keywords for the symposium on this day: "next-generation television" "de-television device" "middle-media". An example of "next generation television" was "Google TV" released by Google. In "Remote TV device", there were those that are not space like the past TV such as iPad. And "middle media" means that information has come to appear in a form different from the television called the television so far.

Mr. Sasaki 's lecture content said from the mass media to the era of social media, the way the information flow changes will be from the following.
Toshihisa Sasaki who gave a lecture.

◆ Next Generation TV "Google TV"
Mr. Sasaki first talked about "next-generation television". It was long before Google revealed the advance to the television industry, and the selling phrase is "to fuse search and TV." Mr. Sasaki's impression of seeing products released from SONY is "Somehow feel like Apple's product". I heard that it is not touched by myself yet, but according to the rumor it is good to make it.

Speaking of Google, the search engine business has sold more than 2 trillion yen annually, for example, Android of the open source OS does not make a profit even if it distributes hard, and it costs money to use Google Maps There is none. Mr. Sasaki explains why Google is offering this service, "I think Google's strategy is to gradually increase the place where we make money with advertising."

Uri of Google TV "seamlessly can search videos using the search bar", "equipped with Chrome browser", "correspond to Android market" 3. Mr. Sasaki truncates the former two of them, "Is not that so revolutionary?" While cutting down Basari, as for the third "correspond to Android Market", as soon as you purchase an app on iPhone Just like moving in the field, it explains that it will be pretty big that the application will soon move on TV. And Google's aim is to connect the search engine market of 2 trillion yen to the television advertisement market of tens of trillion yen by bringing the search engine to the television, He said that it is to open up new possibilities different from the viewpoint of TV.

For example, Japanese mobile phones are called Garaka and their usage was mostly decided for manufacturers and carriers, but iPhone could be added / deleted as you like the app, but different people could use it, but "TV There is a possibility that the same thing can be realized if it is made into an application, "Mr. Sasaki said, exemplifying the device named" ANOBAR "as a mechanism of an application that links Twitter and TV.

This is ANOBAR. It is a machine developed by retired Dwango founder Mori after retirement, if it is placed next to the TV and connected to the net, it is a device that displays the content of the 2ch live board in real time. Mr. Sasaki borrowed this from Mr. Mori and used it, he said that he was quite enjoying it.

It seems that live comment is displayed with such feeling. It looks pretty interesting.

By the way, Mr. Sasaki wrote the book "Disappearing the 2011 Newspaper TV" last year, but in America it seems that the audience rating that has been falling all the way has increased slightly this year. There are various theories such as "Super Bowl was interesting" "It is an effect by Lady Gaga", and no one can prove it, but as convincing thing, "Everyone in Twitter and Facebook everyone in real time It seems that there seems to be a theory that it seems to be seen as it is talking about.

Mr. Sasaki cited as an advantage of converting TV into an application is that "If you convert video content into an application, you can change how you show each program." It seems to me that the production side will be able to control the style that I want this program to look like this.

Another merit was that I could improve the interface for watching movies. Currently, the remote control of the television is only to use things that are prefixed, but Mr. Sasaki said that if the application market can be created, attention will also be gaining attention in terms of ease of use.

The reason why Apple won the music distribution on the iPod was because Mr. Sasaki once touched on the fact that the player, iPod, the iTunes store on the song selling site, and the application called iTune are comfortably interlocked It seems that the network Walkman was confident that it would not be able to sell absolutely to its extraordinary ease of use. Although NHK On Demand also has good programs accumulated, it seems that Mr. Sasaki himself uses it and searches are not moving at all, and it seems that he realizes the importance of the interface.

Here, Mr. Sasaki gave an example "SPIDER" of the HDD recorder. It is a product made with a small Japanese company called PTP that allows all commercial broadcasters and NHK programs to record a whole week, but if it exceeds one week it will be scrapped from the older one, but it is always a week It seems that you can see the program retroactively. Although it is made only by that, even a major maker is made, but the great place of SPIDER is in the interface, for example, it became a topic that was broadcast in 2008Esaki Guriko's CM which reproduced the Isono family after 25 years with live actionWhen worried about, if it is an old interface, if you do not paste on TV all day, you do not know where this commercial entered on which program, but if you search for "SPECIAL" for "SPECIAL", one week's CM Since the list is displayed, it seems that it is structured that CM can be seen by choosing "Sazae-san after that" from there.

Nomura Research Institute said that 80% of recorder users are skipping commercials, but as they can search and find them, they can share interesting things and can check each talent So, "It will be possible to create a new television viewing space in a form different from enjoying the drift of the TV as before," Mr. Sasaki explained the greatest power of application development It was.

Apple in SeptemberNew type "Apple TV"Although it announced, Mr. Sasaki predicts which Apple store will be loaded. More and more the TV is going to be applied as an application as a whole, and summarized that there is a possibility that the program contents and viewers will not be met by dripping, but there is a possibility that they will change via the application.

◆ Remote TV device
Mr. Sasaki seems to have an old AppleTV. What you can do is like an iTunes version of video-on-demand, which allows you to watch a purchased program on the spot, but if you have content purchased in the PC you can watch it over the air via iPhone or a TV. "AirPlay Mr. Sasaki evaluates it as "interesting" that features are installed. Although it is better to see the contents purchased once in various places as the flow of the world one content multiple use is good, in the future it will be no doubt that it will be promoted even throughout the motion picture industry .

"IPTV" to convert television to the Internet is thought to be a model of distributing programs to living television via optical line (FTTH) and seeing contents there, but with the advent of tablets and smart phones and high-speed wireless lines According to the appearance, "I think Tablet IPTV is enough," Mr. Sasaki talked about the outlook. After the analog stoppage and digitization, there is a high possibility that the next generation wireless broadband (LTE) will be put into practical use in the opened band, then the moving picture will be delayed at the same speed as the optical fiber directly to iPhone and Android, IPTV has to proceed with the thought that it will become the wireless center. As Sasaki-san, I finally realized that a mechanism for linking devices such as tablets, televisions, and PCs with something like AirPlay was completed, and I felt that I was going to train to watch video content there It is said that.

◆ Curator of Information Society
Next, Mr. Sasaki mentioned the story that the device is multi-layered. When TV is applied as an application, program contents seamlessly flow from here and there, and how to select good content becomes a problem.

In the mass media period of the past, there was a big river, the production side streamed content from the upstream, and the viewer was waiting waiting opening the mouth at the estuary. Therefore, the work of the agency was how to pick up the frame of a good river, but now that this is collapsing.

The current situation is this, says Mr. Sasaki's picture.

It's like a wetland, you do not know which is upstream or downstream, making the overall overlooking difficult. When you want to throw content information to people in a certain field you have to divide into wetlands. On the other hand, people living in wetlands have no way of knowing information on mass media. Therefore, the content creator seems to be an important issue how to throw information into this subdivided place.

So, how about information flowing is "people are centered," Mr. Sasaki says. In the past, information that was via devices such as newspapers and televisions flows through the device called web during social media era. However, if we send information to mixi and Twitter, we get to all users, it is not so, as human beings are handed over information and people are "trustworthy if the information thrown by this person", the world has changed It seems to be.

Because there is huge amount of information on the Internet, it is very difficult to pick up from the position by yourself. However, there are people who sort out it to some extent and introduce "This is interesting". If there are 100 million pieces of information around the world and there are ten thousand sortors, it is easier to choose a person who seems good from 10,000 people than searching from 100 million, the information is filtered here . Mr. Sasaki calls this "curation" to share information gathering, screening and meaning.

Then, people who filter information along a certain context from a huge amount of information are expressed as "curators".

Mr. Sasaki seems to curate intentionally on Twitter for about half a year. I registered 600 to 700 feeds to Google Reader by myself, read all the headlines of more than 1,500 flowing in the day and select and read about 100 articles or less It seems that it seems to be interesting, "Judging from the flow of the current web, it is better to read", it seems to have tweeted it, it seems that there is a reply of 300-400 a day on this. In addition to Twitter, for example, the charisma reviewer of the eating log is also a curator, and if those going to the store say "Because that person is recommended" because it is a curator, I will become a curator.

And Mr. Sasaki said that probably the world of the movie will move in the direction chosen by the curation principal, not the subject of the media program table so far.

◆ Truth of information and people's reputation

Lastly, Mr. Sasaki's theme as an important story was "information truth and people's reputation". It is very difficult to find out whether it is correct information on the net or not. As an example, it is said that there was a story like "The prosecution and the Democratic Party were closing on the issue of Ozawa Kazuya" and started blogging yesterday No one trusts anyone, even if someone like Twitter followers are writing a single digit. However, there is a possibility that it may be that there are also bloggers who are dealing with topics of political affairs for many years, who have been writing and archiving for years and accumulating archives. In other words, the net world is that it is very difficult to distinguish the authenticity of information, but the reputation of individuals using bloggers and Twitter is visualized.

If you are a celebrity like Mr. Sasaki, it seems to be said that "Is not it different from what you said before" because your own blog, Twitter, and interview articles come out just by searching . But on TV there is no such thing as the program will disappear without being archived. In that respect, since the reputation of individuals is visualized and the reputation is sometimes fixed as long as it continues to say that unity has been reached in the net, information will flow around people as curation Mr. Sasaki gathered up, that the mechanism is established.

As for Mr. Sasaki's vision to become interested in getting things interesting to me by curation, it is a fairly distant vision, so I will pretend not to realize it soon, after three years, five years Later it is probably that the possibility of realizing this content is extremely high.

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