Left-handed Rietveld Chair which stereo three-dimensional form of a herohero's drawing

A work that has actually drawn a stroke of upper hero, drawing a chair called a masterpiece with the opposite left hand of the dominant hand is "Left-handed Rietveld Chair"is.

Even in calligraphy and the like, I practice by placing a model side by side, but by daringly writing it with my left hand, I can express myself incompleteness and it makes me feel strange when I am watching it.

A comparison between the actual photo of "Left-handed Rietveld Chair" and the chair that served as a model is from the following.Left-handed Rietveld Chair, Julien Berthier

This is "Left-handed Rietveld Chair" made by artist Julien Berthier (2007)

From the side, you can understand the subtle distortion of the seating surface and the twist of the back plate.

One frame in progress. It is a mackerel skeleton in a chair, but this is due to firmly drawing on the drawing by the left hand.

When arranging three, the randomness of the curve looks outstanding. It seems that there is a tremendous sense of discomfort when you sit down.

When I look at the drawing, I often admire that I was able to pick up a chair based on this.

By the way, this is a chair by Gerrit Rietveld, who served as a model - "Red and Blue Chair".New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)It is stored in. It is a chair composed only of straight lines, but Julien Berthier may have made it as an homage work by emphasizing the free hand organic line against the concept.

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