"G'zOne TYPE-X" review that reverted to the origin and realized the highest toughness ever in all aspects

Announced todayKDDI's autumn / winter modelAt the same time, not only smartphones such as "IS04", "IS05" "IS06", but also a model containing enthusiasm that is not even in conventional voice terminals has been launched.

So, in addition to returning to the origin in terms of design this time, the 10 th anniversary commemorative model of "G'zOne" birth with 13 million pixel camera and wireless LAN, etc. combining waterproof, dustproof, shockproof function and large capacity batteryG'zOne TYPE-XWe will send you a review.

Details are as below.
Newly released "G'zOne TYPE-X". Coloring is three colors.

Design closed such as returning to origin. Low power consumption memory liquid crystal is adopted as "multi-circle display" which can be said as the face of the resurrected "G'zOne" series.

The situation of using geomagnetic sensor with rear liquid crystal
YouTube - Using the geomagnetic sensor on the back of "G'zOne TYPE-X"

Robust hinge part.

Bumper to disperse shock

right side

Left side

The back side.

It was opened with the back facing up.

13 million pixel camera with the highest performance in history

IPX5 / IPX8 waterproof function, IP5X dustproof, and MIL standard compliant impact resistance.

Placed "G'zGEAR" which made use of GPS information, heading, temperature sensor etc.

YouTube - Launch 'G'z GEAR' with 'G'zOne TYPE-X'

Major features. By adopting a 1.5 times higher capacity battery than before, it is also a "tough" model in holding batteries.

The official page of KDDI's autumn / winter 2010 is as follows.

Au new model in winter new appearance! | Au WINTER COLLECTION | au by KDDI

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