Almost like the overseas version Mutogorrow, a dichotomous lion therapist

I introduced about three years agoA man who can play with the lion"Kevin Richardson, a lion therapist, has been confirmed to continue playing with the lion now and again.

Currently in the park near Johannesburg South Africa,White LionI am playing with all my heart. It seems that he is "problem free" because he is in contact with the Lion with love and respect, but still looking pretty strange.

His unbelievable therapy of body condition is as follows.The man who turns lions into pussycats: The 'Lion Whisperer' takes a risky ride | Mail Online

This unbelievable man who jumps over the lion is Keynote therapist Kevin Richardson.

He is an animal therapist, he argues that it is also possible to reveal the night together with the lions as it can be called a "lion ambassador" so that he can establish a very deep bond with animals commonly called beasts, so to speak I will.

In addition to the Lion, he ran around a protected area near Johannesburg in South Africa, which also protects cheetahs, leopards, hyena, talking to the beasts and by touching them with love and respect, It seems to be tying.

Imagined in these picturesJungle EmperorThe white lion that seems to come out is a change in coat color due to mutation of a very rare gene.

His energetic activities can be seen in detail from the following site.


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