Seven enchanted subjects taking pictures that are not really necessary really

People who stick to cameras that have single lens reflexes, even people who are sufficient with a mobile camera, think that if they have a camera close at hand, they will shoot a lot in various ways. However, even if we think about it later, it is not likely that there are many things that took a picture carefully even in scenes that are not necessary so much.

Such an illustration drawn plenty of black humor on "About the thing that I do not need so much, but I will take it seriously" will be introduced. Seven subjects and scenes are mentioned, but it is only familiar things that always have one thing that you remember.

The enchanted subjects that take a close look are from below.7 things you really do not need to take a photo of - The Oatmeal

1: Photo of drinking party

When it gets excited at a drinking party and becomes drunk, I feel like I'm feeling uplifted and it seems like I want to take pictures. However, looking back at the picture of such a state, it seems that there are not many patterns that I do not regret ......

2: Food

It seems that some people take out the camera every time they eat out somewhere, but as it is shown in this illustration, it may be said that the limit will gradually disappear as it extends to fast food and so on.

3: Landscape

Although it is a landscape photograph that takes a couple of shots when going on a trip, it certainly seems that consciousness will go to the record rather than enjoyment on the ground if it is obsessed with it.

4: Photos of the concert

It may be something that you would like to keep it in the record in the scene where the mood rises, but in Japan almost all concerts are forbidden because shooting and recording are prohibited, so there is a possibility of being picked up from the venue ...

5: A couple's kiss photo

There seems to be a habit of taking a kiss on a couple of love love, even in JapanChupliAlthough many things are shot, attention is necessary because it becomes the origin of the trouble if it is exposed to the human eyes in a form which I carelessly do not want. Even if such a thing does not happen, it seems to be a little complicated when you see the floating heat getting cold.

6: My car

People who take care of their cars want to capture the best cars of my condition. However, since the commitment performance and drive tech are not reflected in the photograph, it seems good to enjoy the drive in moderation.

7: Self photos

To take self-taken (taking pictures of yourself) with a mirror in the bathroom, especially with women's behavior, taking pictures from various angles and pursuing your own chicken face Although it seems to be ... ... Although it is an illustration that turns a woman to the enemy grandly, it is a silo mono that a self-taken photograph is certainly embarrassing if it looks back later.

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