The legendary white black bear inhabiting the Pacific coast of Canada

In the image above, it seems like a polar bear at first glance but it is usually a picture of a bear with American fur. It also appeared in the myth of Native American, and it seems to be an illusionary bear who also calls such as Spirit Bear and Car Mode Bear.

Details are as below.
In pictures: The Spirit Bear, the rare 'blonde' black bear of Canada's western coast | Mail Online

White fur American bear. This white black bear seems to be able to be seen in the virgin forest in British Columbia, Canada.

It is thought that it is a rare creature among wildlife photographers, and it is said that shooting is difficult.

The white bear on the left is the mother, the black one on the right is a bear bull.

It is not a pigment-free albino, but it seems to have whitish hair of a color similar to a blonde.

Steve Kozlowski who took pictures of wild animals for 18 years photographed these pictures. I have been waiting for the shooting opportunity for 5 days after setting up a tent. It was said to have taken a picture at the moment of leaving the tent and made a hidden camera making photographs while keeping a safe distance because it was attacked.

In addition to Steve, there seem to be a lot of people who went to take a white bear, and several movies have been released.
YouTube - Eye to Eye with a Spirit Bear

A movie capturing the appearance of a bear to eat.
YouTube - The Spirit Bear

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