Top 10 sports with the most fans in the world


In Japan, baseball still boasts overwhelming popularity as a sport, but what sports do you think is popular when thinking at the world level?

Top 10 rankings are from the following.
10 Most Watched Sports In The World

◆ 10th place: Boxing


◆ 9th: Golf


◆ 8th: Athletics

BySingapore 2010 youth olympic games

◆ 7th: Baseball


◆ 6th: Horse racing

ByEduardo amorim

◆ 5th: Motorsport

◆ 4th place: tennis(About 2.2 million people in Wimbledon are watched by 10 million people in the US Open and there are major tournaments around the world such as Grand Slam Tournament, Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, National Open etc. doing)


◆ 3rd place: basketball(There are 2 billion audiences all over the world, and NBA alone boasts 15 million viewers per season)


◆ 2nd place: Cricket(The Cricket World Cup in 2007 was broadcast in 200 countries, the number of audiences in the stadium was 670,000 and the number of viewers reached 2.2 billion)

ByMm - j

◆ 1st place: Football(The number of fans in the whole world is 3.5 billion, the number of people who saw the World Cup 2010 finals was about 715.1 million)


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