Animation "Out of Sight" depicting the adventure of a dog and a stray girl

NationalTaiwan Art UniversityThe graduation production animation that three students of the multimedia animation science system made are topics as a topic.

The story started from the girl who was walking with the dog who stolen the bag by the thief. The dog keeps track of the thief with a great momentum and the girl who had the lead is pulled by it as well but when the dog slips through the hole opened in the board fence the girl hits the board fence and is left behind What is to say.

Of course color is vivid, but the idea is very nice. Playback is from the following.
Official website

YouTube - Out of Sight

A girl walking with a dog.

However, the man from behind steals the girl's bag and runs away.

A dog who began running after chasing a man.

The dog successfully passed through the hole under the plate fence, but the girl is left behind.

The other side of the plate fence is pitch dark.

Water sounds that come from far away ...

It was a girl's unknown space.

The tree branch picked up becomes a magical stick and the girl looks like a mage.

And the adventure begins looking for a dog.

Where is she going?

Mr. Liz Wakao, Mr. Rei Mell, Mr. Aka Haya. Three people are students of Taiwan Art University, they seem to have made it as a graduation work.

As you see from the beginning, you can see that there is a braille block at the feet of the girl and that the girl surely felt things by fighting and that the girl is invisible. If you think so, it is convinced why the mysterious world after passing through the fence was such a drawing.

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