Popular fantasy work "Berserk" of a majestic world view decided to animate

Set in a majestic world reminiscent of medieval Europe, a warrior with a huge sword like an iron chunk · Guts keeps on traveling with fellows to fulfill revenge, the dark of the original Mentashiro Miura started in 1989 · Fantasy work "Berserk"Animation has been decided.

In 1997, the Japanese TV series "Sword-inspired berserk"It has become an animation making decision for the first time in 13 years since it was animated.

Details are as below.
"Berserk" 35 volumes released today. "Anime new project starting !!It is written largely in the obi.

The back cover looks like this. A trial reading campaign which can read Berserk's beginning a little bit for free is under way.

Synopsis. Because the release of the first volume was in September 2009, it is perfect for people who can not remember the story soon ....

Details of the animation new project is "Young Animal" journal in which Berserk is serialized, and "YOUNG ANIMAL WEBIt will be announced at.

Although "Story of Sword Wind Berserk" had some story changes, basically it was animated to about 14 volumes of the original comic, but what part will be animated newly Cow.

Although it was made into a TV animation once,"HELLSING" which is to be rebuilt as OVA from the beginning in a faithful form to the originalIt is a place I would like to expect for an animation like like this.

The official page of Berserk is from the following.

"Berserk" Miura Kentarou | Hakusensha

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