You can do it together ♪ You can, PSP sound gee "K-ON! After school live !!" Movie Various

"K-ON! After school live!" (Released on September 30, 2010), the topic of the rhythm game for PSP as the first gaming work is exhibited at the SEGA booth at Tokyo Game Show 2010 .

People of "After School Tea Time" perform, playing, chilling "Yatan ♪", and it shows various faces. In addition to the main part of the game, there are also modes in which various conversations develop various conversations, and if you are a "K-ON!" Fan, even those who were not PSP users until now will unexpectedly buy the main body ... Reproducibility.

The movie is from the following.SEGA | K-ON! Live after school live! It is! | Sega official - PSP (R) game software only

Makuhari Messe Second HoleSEGA boothIn a piece of "K-ON! Live after school live! It is!"Is playable exhibition. .

At the booth the trailer was also showing up.

YouTube - "Keio! After School Live !!" Trailer in Tokyo Game Show 2010

Instruments can be selected from five instruments of drum base, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, keyboard.

Because you can communicate with up to 5 people, even those who are not good at sound music beginners or musical instruments if you rely on good friends just like ... ... you can upgrade the level if you cooperate.

YouTube - "Keio! After School Live !!" Trailer, Costume & Stage Change

Every time you level up, you can get various stage costumes, change clothes and play.

It seems that you can choose the stage from various places, such as the bus stop, the shopping street, the sea we went on training camp.

You can spend your time in the club room with members deformed in Chibi characters.

YouTube - "K-on! After School Live !!", I was chillin 'together at the club room ☆

The actual gameplay screen looks something like this. Pushing the button according to the rhythm while watching the flowing marker is a royal road sound gee.

YouTube - "K-on! After School Live !!" Gameplay

YouTube - "K-ON! After School Live !!" Mio Makes Cheek Dyed Clear Screen

As you clear the stage, it seems like you can go to see the members talking.

YouTube - Members who start chatting in good faith with "K-on! After school live !!"

Reproduce "Live after school tea time" live in 3D model and play familiar songs with animation such as "Cagayake! Girls!" In rhythm gameK-ON! Live after school live! It is!"Will be released on September 30, 2010, the price is 6090 yen.

It is said that this fan will be distributed at the booth, so it may be good for people of "K-ON!" Fans to visit.

SEGA | K-ON! Live after school live! It is! | Sega official - PSP (R) game software only

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