Love plus medal Happy Daily Life (tentative) that can interact with the real world medal game, deeper with canojo

"Love Plus Medal Happy Daily Life (Tentative)" was a reference exhibit at Tokyo Game Show 2010.

It seems to be the concept of acquiring medals by date with love plus, as it is on the world view of love plus, but since the casing was exhibited, I have seen various things.

Details are as below. Arrived at the Konami booth.

In the corner of Love plus you can understand immediately that the banners of canon and canojos are hanging.

Panel with details of "Love Plus Medal Happy Daily Life (Tentative)".

The enclosures were in line.

Anegasaki Nene's casing.

This is Ai Takamine.

At the end is Kobayakawa Rinko. It is designed with three persons clearly represented by coloring etc.

It was a reference exhibition that can not be held at this time this time. However, "3D communication" at the top of the monitor is only running the cabin of love flowers, and touching me ashamed, "Huh, it's shameful ~".

I will play coins with such feeling.

Jackpot (jackpot) Sometimes this service cut as well.

As a feature of this work, the sub character which surrounds canojo, or the family and friends first appear with a visual.

Because Nene is also a character relying on juniors and classmates, these events seem to be many.

Rinco's family will also appear. Dad is pretty handsome and reasons why Rinko was suffering as much as to cry about his father's remarriage seems to be well understood when seeing this visual ......

When I receive a present from Canojo, Konami's medal game that appeared in DS version Love Plus ·GRAND CROSSYou can enjoy games with Canojo at the real world game center. "Love plus medal Happy Daily Life (temporary)" correspondence from the next work.

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