Pictures carrying huge 'something' that is rare in everyday life

For people who do not know what they are carrying on, it is various pictures of things like "?". It is a masterpiece that you are still carrying something huge again.

Appreciation is from the following.
Moving Really Big Things [18 Pics]

House. It is unknown why the house is going to be carried all the way (According to the information from the reader, it is not so unusual to travel a house with a trailer in the West and Europe, in some cases it may be relocated, only the house is sold or purchased Sometimes, when you can not put it on a trailer, you cut the house half in half and carry it halfway, so when you search by House Mover or Building Mover, you find a lot of such suppliers).

Vehicles for construction. Transporting with two units.

A huge ship

space shuttle

Something's offshore plant (according to the information from readers, it is "the US military's ocean deployed X band radar")

Storage tank for petroleum and gas

Large pipe

This is probably something in the storage system

What is it, this ... ....

Carrying the space shuttle before launch "Crawler · Transporter". Overall length 40 meters, full width 35 meters.

It seems to be carrying the factory unit by unit



Giant vehicle for construction


Huge bobbin

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