Part of the new game to be exhibited at Tokyo Game Show 2010 is revealed

One big game event to be held at Makuhari Messe from Thursday, September 16 th - 19 th (Sunday), 2010Tokyo Game Show 2010"A part of the new game to be exhibited at the exhibition was revealed.

In addition to having 8 titles for Wii, 23 titles for PS3 and 22 titles for Xbox 360, home video game consoles are 109 titles for Nintendo DS and 40 titles for handheld game consoles.

Details of major new games etc. are as follows.
(PDF file)Tokyo Game Show 2010
Exhibitor schedule title · Exhibition booth contents announcement !!
Mobile game machine, PC series game greatly increased!

According to this release, it seems that the total number of game titles that had been reported to be exhibited at "Tokyo Game Show 2010" by August 30 has reached 723 in total. Also, this year, by platform, the number of titles for PCs such as the online version of popular titles has increased, and the number of titles for handheld game machines such as iPhone, iPad, Nintendo DS, PSP, etc. is dramatically increasing .

By category, action games are the most common with 102 titles, followed by RPG 26 titles and simulation 25 titles.

Main titles of home game machines and portable game machines are as follows.

Restoration Storm Shippu Ryomaden (Nintendo DS, Adventure)
TROY Musou (PS3 · Xbox 360, Action)
Winning Post 7 2010 (PC · PS 3 · PSP, simulation)
TRINITY Zill O'll Zero (PS 3, Action)
QUANTUM THEORY (PS3 · Xbox 360, shooting)

METAL GEAR SOLID RISING (PS3 · Xbox 360, Lightning · Volt · Action)
Otomedius X (Excellent!) (Xbox 360, Shooting)
Catherine (Atlas) (PS 3 · Xbox 360, Action)

◆ Sega
VANQUISH (PS3 · Xbox 360, shooting)
Dengeki Battle Virtual Force (Xbox 360, Action)
K-ON! Live after school live! It is! (PSP, action)
Mysterious Dungeon Windy Siren 5 Fortune Tower and Destiny of Fate (Nintendo DS, Role Playing)

◆ Microsoft
Halo: Reach (Xbox 360, shooting)
Fable III (Xbox 360, Action)
Kinect Adventures (Tentative) (Xbox 360, Action)
Kinect Sports (Tentative) (Xbox 360, Sports)
Kinect Animals (Tentative) (Xbox 360, simulation)
Kinect Joy Ride (Tentative) (Xbox 360, Racing)

◆ Level 5
Nino Country Rockless Magician (Nintendo DS, Fantasy RPG)
Queen of the White Holy Ashes of Nino (PS 3, Fantasy RPG)
Cardboard Warfare (PSP, Plastic Craft RPG)
Mystery Room (Nintendo DS, Touch Adventure)
Nino land Hotroit Stories (DoCoMo, role playing)

Trends of major manufacturers such as SQUARE ENIX, BANDAI NAMCO GAMES and SONY COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT are not described, but are there any possibilities that a hit will be announced at the venue ...?

For other titles, see below.

(PDF file) "Tokyo Game Show 2010 Exhibition Title

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