Children with strabismus begins to receive discrimination such as "they are not invited to a birthday party" from 6 years old

One eye faces a different direction from the other eyeStrabismusChildren of the same age since the age of 6 "children become difficult to be invited to a birthday party", but children under the age of 6 do not discriminate by appearance without noticing the perspective of other children It was clarified by experiment. When doing a strabismic surgery, it seems that it is correct to do before the child reaches 6 years old.

Details are as below.Young Children With Squint More Likely To Be Excluded From Birthday Parties

British Journal of OphthalmologyIt was published in the magazine, Switzerland ·Sankt GallenIn a study by doctor Daniel Stephane Mojon et al. Of hospital Kantonsspital, they digitally processed one half of the pictures of six pairs of identical twins in such a way as to have an inward or outward perspective, respectively, of 118 I showed it to children aged 3 to 12.

Eleven children were asked to choose "Which child of the twins you would like to call on your birthday party" with a patient (not oblique) or siblings visited ophthalmology? I showed four pairs of twin pictures (one with strabismus). Without "discrimination against strabismus", on average, 2 out of 4 people will be chosen for children with strabismus.

As a result, subjects under 6 years of age did not find a difference between those with strabismus and those who do not have a twin, while children aged 6 and older tended to have a tendency to obviously choose a strabismus child about. It seems that the color of the shirt of the children of the photograph, the kind of the strabismus such as inwards and outwards did not influence "whether to be invited to the birthday party" or not.

Specifically, among the subjects, 31 people aged 4 to 6 years old were compared with 48 people aged 6 to 8, the differences were as follows.

■ Of the four people invited to the birthday party, 18 people (37.5%) were over 6 years old, and 1 person (0.3%) was under 6 years old who did not choose any squared-looking children.

■ Out of the 4 people invited to the birthday party, 4 people chose a squared-looking child, 0 people (0%) over 6 years old, 9 people (29%) under 6 years old.

■ When I was asked as "When I was aware of something about twins" after choosing, the children who pointed out about the eye position are 48% above the age of 6, 19% at the age of 6 years.

■ After having been told to look at the eyes of the photographs, children who noticed the eye position noted 77% at the age of 6 and 39% at the age of 6 years.

Dr. Mojon and colleagues were concerned about the long-term influence given by the squint of childhood and said, "The results of this survey show that children with strabismus tend to be less accepted from children of the same age compared to children without strabismus, I suggest that rectoric orthodontic surgery should be done before the child reaches 6 years old. "

About 1.2 million people a year in the United StatesExtraocular muscleMove the position ofOrthodontic surgeryThis surgery is the third largest number of cases in ophthalmic surgery. This surgery can be taken as a day outpatient treatment, but for children under 10 years old to keep both eyes in the best positionMultiple surgeries are requiredIt is said that there are many cases. Even if the appearance of appearance from other people is improved by surgery, as for the vision of the person himself / herself, the binocular vision is formed by approximately two years of age, so if you live in a strabismus until then, It is almost impossible to acquire a stereoscopic ability even if it is corrected by.

The treatment method differs depending on the cause of strabismus, but there seems to be cases in which it is possible to treat strabismus by refraction correction with eyeglasses or contact lenses, or sometimes it is possible to treat strabismus with vision training.Orthodontic surgeryin the case of,Binocular vision will be possible only after a perfect eye alignment that is indistinguishable from a healthy personHowever, there are many doctors, patients and patients' parents who place importance on improving appearance especially in the United States, so "parents are not improved to such extent that they can not be distinguished completely from healthy subjects, but unless they are told Even if it is not in the state that it is not "perfection" but the state of binocular vision can not be done, "appearance" is "improved" although it is a state of eyes of a level not noticeable with strabismus " Surgery was successful as it was improved "in some cases.

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