There are no 'heelless high heels' and men's high heels, various kinds of shoes of Tondemo in the world

The first shoes used dates back to 8000 BC and has a very history. History is definitely a trial and error repetition, so it seems that things that were quite fresh and compared with current shoes were invented.

There are many women who still wear high heels, but in the past such shoes and high heels for men who are unthinkable with common sense now, in the end the heels are constantly floating in the air, shoes that seems to be hard to see since they look, Various shoes are present, and I am amazed by the depth of shoe history. I am impressed that "There are various shoes in the world ...", but in reality it seems that the shoes that are worn in Japan are very unusual when viewed from foreigners.

Details are as below.Top 10 Most Bizarre Shoes in History - Top 10 Lists | Listverse

1: Armadillo shoes

fashion designer·Alexander McQueenDesigned by these shoes,Lady GagaAnd many celebrities have won. The shape is like an armadillo and it is beautiful, but it is a dish that has a lot of courage to the foil ... ...

2: Lotus shoes

The "once used in China"Matsutakei (Train)"In the aesthetic sense that a woman's foot should be small, it was a custom that forcibly deflects a foot by wearing a cloth or the like so that his feet do not develop. The shoes that were used in northern China, especially in Beijing, were shaped like a bow and the sole of the shoe was drawing a big curve

From the late nineteenth century to the beginning of the 20th century, it was said that shoes that fit the size of a normal size came to be used among women, and shoes for summer shoes gradually disappeared, but already Zhiqiang's shoe factory added Lotus Shoes to the production lineup in 1991 for women who had been plowed and that more than 2000 pairs of shoes were sold in two years. However, from last year it seems that we switched to a policy to produce only when we received a special order.

3: Ballet Boots

The ballet boots, which appeared in the 1980s and temporarily prevalent in Japan, are very high in heels and when wearing it is like a ballerinaPoint (tiptoe)It will be as if you did it. It seems pretty firm on your feet ...

4: Wooden bridal shoes

The history of this shoe dates back to the 9th century,AriegesA village girlMooreIt was said that the bride's sharp and long-made brush strokes made it long, because it was safely pierced through the heart of the enemy at the tip of the shoe at the end of the kidnapping. It seems that the love to the bride is deeper as the tip of the shoe is higher, but it seems that there will be no chance of winning when it is used for a couple quarter.

5: Paduka

Shoes that are used from India's oldest are Paduca. I wear the knob part with the thumb and index finger of the feet and silver and wood, iron and even ivory are used for the material. There are things with things like spikes,MasochismThere is also the theory that it seems to have been used to satisfy.

6: Heelless shoes

Antonio BerardiAnnounced in 2007, the following yearVictoria BeckhamAlthough it became famous for what he wears, than anything else, it has become a ridiculous shape that the heel is floating in the air. According to Mr. Berardi designed, "It can be balanced properly", according to medical personnel, there is a possibility that damage to the backbone and knee may occur if it is wearing on a daily basis. Is it strange that it's patience, ......

7: Chopin

Shoes that were popular in Italy during the Renaissance period, the existing chopin is stored in a few museums. This shoes called chopin was impractical, and the significance of its existence was to make the person wearing this stand out. Height of the heel was 18 cm and it says it was very expensive. The most sad thing of this shoe decorated with silk and velvet and colored with silver lace was that long skirts that felt even the shoes were prevalent at the time, and most of the figure of chopin was drawn also in the painting at the time It is a place not being ... ....

8: Shoes to put on shoes

Early in the 20th century, women were wearing leather shoes daily, but because they were expensive, as shoes worn on shoes so as not to contaminate the rainy or snowy days, using bark such as hippopotamus, linden, etc. It seems that there were unique production methods by countries such as Norway, Sweden, and Russia. Incidentally, it seems that the lifetime of a thing that can be said as a shoe cover was as short as about one week.

9: Kabukabu

A stilt with a silver stud called "Kabukabu" was used so that a woman in the Middle East would not get dirty or wet in a dirty road or a bathroom muddy. It seems that rich man was decorated with pearls. Also, the name "Kabukabu" comes from the sounds of shoes when walking on marble.

10: High heels for men

In the 1700 's when specially tailored courts and the like became popular, stockings and shoes were regarded as very important, and men' s high heels appeared to make their feet look beautiful.Louis XIVI was wearing it as well.

11: Okobo

Finally, wear by Japanese Maiko (Maiko)OkoboIs not used for decoration purposes like No. 7 chopin but is used for a practical purpose of not dirtying expensive kimono like the ninth turnip nib. The color of the thongs is different depending on the status of Maiko (Maiko), the new American Maiko is red, and the one who finished the apprenticeship wears a yellow thong.

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