Cats fitting in a box with Freedom's attitude too

Cats love to enter a narrow place, but there were various pictures that were contained in the box with Freedom's posture too much.

If you are watching a cat deforming a box to hold a fat body, or a cat that is taking up a rather acrobatic posture, fitting in a box will receive even an impression like a sports competition.

Details are as below.Grand Opening of The Boxxy Fold Rehabilitation Center; Cardboarda Non Grata - Cute Overload

First of all, please see the splendid fits of fatty cats who should also be called heavyweights. Even if you see this cat you can not fit it ... ...

The box is tightly packed all over.

If it is for me to fit, the deformation of the box is too aggressive such as inevitability.

Black cat in black box. Although it is a picture, if you look carefully, the box is distorted.

I am trying to fit in a box-shaped basket, but it has become a poorly understood posture.

As opposed to cats so far, this cat is slim, so it fits easily into a rectangular box.

From here it is a cat that fits in a box with freedom that is too freaky to want to say. I think there is enough space in the center, why are you keeping your body on the diagonal dare ... ....

Contrary to a cheap sleeping face in peace, the posture that it is likely to be irritated to various parts of the body.

First of all, I want to make you wonder why this situation was born.

Although it is an ordinary posture when compared with the cats in the photo above, I still have body along the edge of the basket, like Sumi, not in the center.

Along with the position of hands and peaceful expressions, it seems like a lucky cat and is strangely congratulatory.

Finally, they are momentum cats that go outside the box. I am sleeping with my arm stretched out tightly.

It fits in a shallow box as well. It is cute that the degree of opening of the foot can not be said at all.

While letting only the tail out, I am making the lice effective from inside the box.

The cobwebs of the bush are cramped in the box and you want to get fluffy even if you put your hands in the corner of the box. Just being housed in a box, you can enjoy a little different cute from when you are normal, so it might be a good idea to wait for a person keeping a proper box rolling in a box not.

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