Poplar and the manager also ate at the Royal Host Akihabara store the "WORKING !!" collaboration menu of great satisfaction

Offering for a limited time from August 1 to August 31,Royal hostAnd anime "WORKING !!In the collaborative menu of "Family restaurant that will be the stage of the work"Wagnaria"Wagnaria special plate" and "Wagnaria special made parfait" at the Royal Host Akihabara store.

Although the inside of the store shortly after opening was a snack, it was the first time that the limited menu "Wagnaria special made parfait" was served without fail, but the taste of the menu taste satisfied the store manager who likes the parfait Is it made possible to do?

Details are as below.Royal Host Blog

Arrived at the Royal Host Akihabara store.

The store display is as usual.

When I entered the store, a special menu full of "WORKING !!" color was placed on the table.

The back side was big with 'Wagnaria' logo.

Tie-up menu It is said that an original coaster is available for each order of goods. During the period, the picture of the coaster you get is different in the first half and the second half. From August 1 to 14, "Sota Kozaki", "Ko Takashima" "Trout Yachiyo" "Shiroko Akiko", August 15th - 31st of the latter half are "Mahiru Inami", "Jun Sato", "Hiroshi Soma" It is supposed to receive one kind at random from among Aoi Yamada.

"Wagnaria specially made parfait" (525 yen including tax) is Yachiyo of the sword swallowtail, "It is so much satisfying if you are satisfied with Kyouko (second manager from Wagnaria manager, right)!"

"Wagnaria specially made plate" (1396 yen including tax), Wagnaria's mascot existence · Popola Toto is satisfied. It means that it is a menu for children for lunch.

After ordering, I looked over the inside of the store and found that "Wagnaria special made parfait" was unchallenged. There were quite a lot of visits at the aim of collaboration menu and I saw some pairs of visits to the group.

In the meantime, "Wagnaria special plate" has been brought.

On the top of the omelet rice is the flag with the logo "Wagnaria" logged in.

On the back side of the flag is a popular illustration.

There was ketchup rice in the omelet rice with demiglace sauce. Egg is hot and fluffy texture, gentle mouthfeel. I felt somewhat salty due to the combination of ketchup rice and demiglace sauce, but the taste was well organized and was eaten with mushrooms.

Hamburger is soft and well with demiglas sauce. It is aroma with charred brown.

A large one is also riding a shrimp flake. The clothes are crispy and eating together with tartar sauce has a considerable satisfaction. Since the child lunch was an explanation as a theme, I thought that it was a small menu, and it was a menu with quite a firm amount and eating response. I wanted to eat Western food but I thought it was a perfect menu for choosing when I got lost.

Then "Wagnaria special made parfait". The silver container used in this menu was used 30 years ago and it was said that it was revived at the tie-up this time. Cool and silver container is cool and shape retro.

A flag with an illustration was also standing in this menu.

Languedosha cuts circular objects and uses them for decoration. Melting in the mouth is also good as crispy.

The section looks something like this. Fresh cream and vanilla ice cream are plentiful, milky flavor.

There is a banana in the back of the glass. Of course the compatibility with chocolate and vanilla ice is outstanding.

A large crushed nut was on board and played the role of accent of texture. Fudge sauce made with plenty of chocolate, vanilla ice cream, fresh cream, and banana, it looks like a pretty standard "Orthodox chocolate banana parfait" on the contrary.

Complete food. Thank you for the meal.

By the way, the coasters are a system that hands me when offering menu. When asked for 'Wagnaria special made parfa' it was that of 'Sota Kozaki ". I love small things, I have a voice in animationJun FukuyamaThis character is in charge of you.

The back was white.

When I ordered "Wagnaria special plate", I always wear a sword and a thing of a roaring waitress "Roku Yachiyo" in store manager Kyoko. Because the quality of the menu itself is high, if you have the opportunity, if you have the opportunity, as well as those who want the "WORKING !!" coaster, as well as simply eat Western food and parfait, please go.

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