Russia's summer festival photo a little different from Japan

In Japan it will be called "SUMMER SONIC"FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL"ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL"Summer festival which excites hot summer is done in various places, but in Russia it is said that the event called" Russian Way "riding bike and outdoor rock festival" Invasion 2010 "was held.

There are places that are somewhat out of the spirit, but the idea of ​​having fun with everyone seems to be common to all countries.

Image is from below.
First of all, a bike ride celebration "Russian Way". At the venue, motorbike riders who got their cars gathered together.

Of course there are also companions in bathing suits.

Image girl on stage.

There seems to be a lot of automobiles besides motorcycles, but there are real police cars inside ...?

Some participants are flying in the sky. It is freaky.

I feel that the purpose is somewhat different.

Armed Indian.

It is a feeling that there is nothing like this anymore.

This is the "Invasion 2010" venue.

Thirty people who are hot and tense are also thirsty.

A TV crew 's older sister.

The older sister who is doing the whole body paint also visited.

People who are playing Twister games at the venue.

Eventually, everyone seemed to get drunk with music.

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