Declare war on Apple, to offer free users of Android smartphone 'Galaxy S' to users who are dissatisfied with iPhone 4

If receiving with the left hand the reception sensitivity of radio waves will deteriorateIt is iPhone 4 of Apple being taken out, but for users who are dissatisfied with the same model, a high-end Android smartphone "Galaxy S"The campaign to declare war on the front from Apple indeed was launched, which is provided free of charge.

Details are as below.
Samsung offering Galaxy S phones to frustrated iPhone users

According to this article, a British corporation of Samsung Electronics is implementing a campaign offering its high-end smartphone "Galaxy S" for free to users in Britain who are dissatisfied with iPhone 4.

This attempt is said to be a sign of confidence in the company's "Galaxy S", and Samsung UK corporation is attempting direct contact with users who are actually dissatisfied with iPhone 4 on official Twitter.

Samsung UK corporate official Twitter remarks. We are offering to offer "Galaxy S" for free to users who are dissatisfied with iPhone 4.
Twitter / Samsung UK Mobile: @ joseespinosa Hi Jose, sor ...

By the way, it seems that the detailed exchange is done by direct message.
Twitter / Samsung UK Mobile: @ willcritchlow Hi Will, we ...

"Galaxy S" is equipped with a 4.0-inch "Super AMOLED" organic EL touch panel, Samsung's 1 GHz processor, 5 million pixel camera, etc. OS includes Google's mobile phone OS "Android 2.1" Adoption. Also in JapanIt will be released from NTT docomo after autumnHas been revealed.

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