A crazy life of a homeless who is too good to be talked, a movie decision

Looking for the cigarette butt of the cigarette from the garbage box The shooter asking for food on the street was photographed by an amateur photographer,China one sexy homeless"Cheng Guorong who became a famous person on the Internet last year as" It is a guy I'd like to call "just a bitter bitter man" as if I had known young but astringent of my life.

Because of the fact that it became homeless, until it reunites with family after being talked about on the Internet and reintegrated into society, it was decided that the life filled with extraordinary drama will be made into a movie.

Details are as below.
Rags to riches movie fame for homeless man who became 'China's sexiest tramp' | Mail Online

ZhejiangNingbo CityCheng Guorong (34 years old) living on the street in the street caught the eye of an amateur cameraman and was included in the photograph at the end of last year. When that picture appeared on the Internet in January this year, we called a topic as "China's sexy homeless."

Cheng Guorong's "BohemianIt is said that the style was inspired by fashion designers.

In 1996, Mr. Cheng Guorong came to Ningbo city to leave his hometown to feed his wife and two children by postponement, but after unemployment and running out of savings there was no face matching the family, It seems that it was decided to continue living in Ningbo city as a street person as it is. When I became talked about as "one sexier homeless in China", my relatives who contacted him on the Internet got in touch and waited for Mr. Cheng who returned home for the first time in 14 years because his father and wife are car accidents It was the news that it died in.

Since becoming a celebrity, Mr. Cheng requested to appear in advertisements and fashion shows, and donations of 100,000 yuan (about 1,290,000 yen) from supporters who want to be a foothold for rebuilding their lives I heard that money was received.

Also, Chinese movie producer Deng Jianguo has decided to produce a movie modeled by Mr. Cheng based on the book written by Mr. Cheng's cousin. It is scheduled to shoot in September 2010 and to be released in February 2011, and box office income is expected to be 7 million pounds (about 932 million yen).

Mr. Cheng's family spokesman said, "The movie is a sad story, but at the end there is also a happy element of reuniting with family, Mr. Cheng is a different person from him (before experiencing street life) It seems that the current situation is that we can not get out of the "shadow" that we have accumulated. "

Mr. Cheng Guorong, who seems to have demonstrated that "Ikemen looks like she can eat just by her appearance" may be homeless, Mr. Cheng Guorong, but I was able to get out of the street life by reunion with my family "Ikemen" Because of it. If you think "If Mr. Cheng was not handsome ..." this event like a seemingly good story may also indicate the severity of reality for "non-handsome".

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