A variety of owl picture of surprisingly expressive

The owl is a nocturnal creature, round and big eyes are distinctive, but various kinds of pictures that captured a slightly different expression from such an image were introduced.

From the face that looks as if it is laughing, the expression that seems to be fascinating, as owls looking as if deformed, there is also a gap with the image and it will be cunned.

Details are as below.Owls Being Cute: Pics, Videos, Links, News

It seems that somehow singing songs stepping on steps.

The owl on the right seems to be laughing just as "NI!", But the owl on the left quietly closes his eyes. Just to close your eyes does not seem to make you smile.

The owl scoring a dog is winking. It is one piece of amazing atmosphere.

I open my mouth and smile.

A look that looks very comfortable.

Shaggy baby owl.

Owl owls who are turning to this place only as "Oishiiyo!" Let's not pursue what the thing you are eating ....

I am not jealous of jaggling water.

Looks surprised. Speaking of an owl, this image is such a face.

This is also one piece that seems to be an owl so much.

When I open my mouth, my facial expression becomes a little informative.

Both are owls, but their facial expressions are different. The owl on the left side is a bit off.

Two fish are felt like it.

Because it is a sad expression, it looks as if I could not get off the tree.

Hokkehoku and a smile are on the floor. The smiling face of the owl is really painful and it gets hurt.

Two animals facing this with almost the same facial expression. I heard that something is about to be announced.

I feel like a threatening bit.

It is as close as a couple and it is a perfect atmosphere full of love. It is the first time I feel like I feel like I can not look at something.

Two animals that want to be reflected briefly. The cute cheeks are cute.

A piece of look that looks like a really refreshed.

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