Maiho Otaro starts serializing the novel "NECK the seventh" on Twitter, and at the bookstore "Midsummer MAIJO Festival !!"

In 2003 "Asura Girl"Received the Yukio Mishima Prize in 2004,"I love you I love you I love you so much."Akutagawa prize candidate and received a highly-valued writer who did not receive a prize ·Maiho Otaro. Although its identity is a maskmaker who is unpublished, including educational backgrounds, work history, etc., its abilities are shown not only in the novel but also in movies, stage original works, illustrations, manga and so on.

It was revealed that such Maiho started serializing novels on Twitter from July 16th (Friday) today. the title is"NECK the seventhIn the film released on August 21NECKIt is likely to be related to the ... ....

Details are as below.
"NECK Neck" official website

The novel series is done"NECK Neck" Official Twitter account. There is a limitation that Tweet has a maximum of 140 characters for tweets, but Maiko seems to have commented on the serial novel writing while knowing this difficult condition. The serial period of "NECK the seventh" is basically scheduled to be updated four times a day (12, 15, 18, 21) from July 16th to August 15th.

After publication"NECK Neck" Official TwilogIn addition to reading the summarized by,A nice guyWe will make full use of Twitter related services such as.

The outline of "NECK the seventh" is as follows.

Detective 's Taro Nobu Taro is investigating the murder case of the recording engineer Mr. Yokomizo Masatoshi, and the lighting technician Kenji Usba (Utsukushiji), who is considered a criminal, was investigated at midnight It was pursuing to Toei 18th studio!
However, Taotaro who was planning to pursue was in fact invited to deeper darkness!
Will Taitaro catch the criminal who killed Yokomizo?
And can you solve the mystery of the incident and survive !?
Taitaro's lonely fight begins!

Illustrations drawn by Professor Maiho who got monopoly is like this.

One movie "NECK Neck" will be a national road show from Saturday, August 21.

Masayuki Sakana, who made the hypothesis that "By thinking of scary, a ghost really does not exist" has developed a wooden box called "neck machine" to demonstrate it. I put a box of Tomokazu Shido that I confessed to myself.

However, Shito who thought that there might be nothing in the box and thought that it might be a different way of scaring proposes to ask the popular horror writer, Echizen Mamutaro, "a scary pro".

Echizen's preparation was a doll house where a strange phenomenon that a doll mistress was once taken over by a doll and attacked ... ....

Waiting in that was "a new neck machine".

Can Sugino people escape safely without fail?

YouTube - "NECK" theater trailer

Incidentally this summer, a series of works including a novel version of a movie "NECK" is published from Kodansha Bunko, the publication of Michiru's work is done at a raging pace, and at the bookstore "Midsummer MAIJO Festival !!It seems that it is also deciding that it will be expanded.

NEO Maiko Otaro BEGINS! | Kodansha Novels

People who are interested may not want to immerse themselves in Maijo Wang Taro all this summer.

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16:16 postscript
I fixed it because I mistook the novel title. Correctly it was "NECK the seventh".

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