Water, but not juice, but tangerine taste "I love you · Mandarin orange" tasting review

Mineral water flavored product that adopts a sophisticated PET bottle that is friendly to the environment "I do not mind(126 yen including tax) "appeared, so I tried it to try it.

Although it is a mineral water but a product with a fruit taste is popular overseas, what kind of taste of this mandarin taste originated from pure Japan really is it?

Details are as below.Product lineup | I LOHAS / IROHASu

This is "I do not mind oranges."

Illustration of oranges on the label and the notation of "Wenzhou oranges extract entering". Since it is an extract to the last, the display is "no fruit juice".

Mineral water with flavor seems to be treated as "refreshing drink". It is a strange feeling that "Karakuri Mandarin Extract" and Katakana notation are written.

As calories such as sugar are being generated, 17 kcal per 100 ml

The "plant bottle" written on the cap seems to be a plastic bottle using a part (5 to 30%) of the plant-derived material.

I will compare it with "normal" "I · · · · ·". The plastic bottle is somewhat taller with "normal" than "normal".

Normal 'Iroharou' is water so 0 kcal

I poured it into a cup. The right is "I Lo · h · · ·", and the left is "I LO · H · H", but I can not tell the color at all. When I open the bottle, it smells like mandarin orange. Mineral water with flavor of overseas imported goods "Volvic fruit kiss LemonAlthough it is a soft flavor, the aftertaste is like a thin sports drink, which is slightly different from the taste of oranges. Whether it is water or juice or not, it is a bit hard to distinguish, but I think that it is good for the coming season, fruit juice, but when I want something with a dry flavor but a refreshing flavor.

It seems to be doing a campaign in which one case (24) is hit as a commemoration release until July 30 this month, so if you like people who like this taste, you may want to apply.
Present for 100 people for mandarin orange

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