Ultra-realistic tapestry that draws landscape in a realistic manner so that it can not be distinguished from pictures

Jill Draper's work by British artist who graphically depicts the country scenery and the scenery of the beach with just needle and thread from the photo can not be distinguished.

About 15 x 30 inches (about 38 x 76 cm)TapestryAll the embroidery of hundreds of thousands of stitches filling up are all stitched with hands and sewing machines with one needle and one sewing machine, so we can see the difference in subtle thread color in the natural light of the living room at home while watching the picture is.

Details are as below.Jill Draper's astonishing tapestries look just like photographs | Mail Online

Jill Draper's home nearbySuffolk ProvinceWenhastonSnowy landscape shot at.

A tapestry created based on the above picture.

Suffolk ProvinceLowestoftJill Draper is 62 years old. He is the mother of two children, also a grandmother with four grandchildren, now living with Wenhaston with her husband Peter. I work hands with sewing machines every day in the natural light, working on sewing machines, but because it is a work that requires concentration very often, embroidering time is up to about 6 hours per day He said that he decided it.

Jill says that he often gets inspiration from Elizabethan tapestries. To create a tapestry, first draw a landscape with dyes on satin or silk cloth, heat and fix them, then select colors from sewing threads of thousands of colors prepared from thousands of colors and embroider them with sewing machines . The part that uses silk thread seems to sew one needle by hand.

Embroidery has a prejudice of the grandmother's hobby, and Jill mourns the present situation which is often neglected compared to other art. "Embroidery work tends to be seen as a craft from artwork, and now there are also computer-controlled sewing machines that can reproduce with photograph scanning and embroidery, but the same as using painters and brushes by painters Just as I am using sewing machines, each piece has its own art of being unique in this world. "


The top is a picture, the bottom is Jill's tapestry.

Dusk of the seaside titled "In the Afterglow".

A water surface entitled "Looking Astern".


"Spring Willows"


"Hint of Spring"

Jill's work began to be exhibited in the galleries around the UK in around 1978 and has been selling hundreds of works through the gallery and requests from individual customers so far. The price is about 500 to 3000 pounds (about 67,000 yen to 400,000 yen) per point.homepageYou can see many other works from.

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