Worst NES game "Ikki" to go PS3 featuring Online Multiplay

You might have heard of Desert Bus released on Sega CD, whose only objective is to just drive a bus on a straight road where nothing special happens.

We call these kind of meaningless games "kusoge(crappy games)", sometimes to blame them and sometimes to show our love. Ikki is one of these "kusoge" released in 1985 and somehow made a comeback in the 21st century as an online multiplayer PS3 game.

Read on for detail.

Ikki Online

Sun Soft PS3 "Ikki Online" Launch on June 29!

"Ikki" is an multi-scroll action game themed on peasant uprising. Players become farmers "Gonbe" and "Tago(2P)" who stood up to fight against tyranny of feudal lord.

What makes the game kusoge is its haziness on detail. Everything - characters, maps, weapons, sounds - lack variation, making the gameplay cheap. But it's also true that the haziness makes the game quite charming. Maybe, it was far too early concept for 1985.

So the game hadn't been understood for a long time, but recently the game has become somewhat a boom among casual gamers who heard of the game. In 2007 the game came to Wii Virtual Console and now to PS3.

"Ikki Online" can be played by up to 2 players offline and up to 12 players online. Here are some screenshots from the trailer.

YouTube - [Ikki Online] Official Trailer Video

Both 8bit mode and updated mode can be chosen.

"Now you can't call this KUSOGE"

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