"I'm prepared to keep blowing up the vuvuzela until I die" "If you want to arrest me, please do it" Vuzuela inventor's too hot speech

South African trumpet that is exciting world cup with loud volume that shakes the stadium "Vuvuzela". "The voice of instructions to teammates does not pass"Complaints from athletes such as" and due to complaints from viewers at each country's broadcasting stationMovement to filter the sound of VuvuzelaAlthough there seem to be, there are many who thought that they wanted to blow once even watching on television.

I self-name the inventor of that VuvuzelaKaiser · Chiefs FCSupporter Freddie "Saddam" Maake seems to be quite a unique person. Mr. Maake will introduce the interview footage that has overwhelmed the reporter such as "everyone can not stop the vuvuzela" "Vuvuzela will not die as long as I live".

Details are as below.YouTube - The end of the vuvuzela discussion - http://www.roadto2010.net

When asked, "How long have you been in Vuvuzela history?"

"20 years. I'm the founder of vuvuzela, I'm the owner of vuvuzela, the name" vuvuzela "comes from me. (20 years. I am the owner of the inventor of Vuvuzela, my name is Vuvuzela with my name Mr. Maake rebuilding it.

"If somebody say vuvuzela is wrong, I must be the first man to be arrested." (If it is bad, the first thing to be arrested is me is Mr. Maake. That momentum can not be stopped by anyone.

"Everyone can not stop the vuvuzela, Mr. Maake insists that Vuvuzela is our culture." By the way, "bloody" of "Vuvuzela is our bloody culture" is mainly used in England and the former British Empire colonial area, like "fuckin 'in US English speaking countries. Even during anger's speech Maake never said "fuck" or "shit", but it is wild language as it is.

"I am very angry, it's culture to blow the vuvuzela, so please cheer for us to show you that we are Africans." Young men who blow Vuvuzela pass behind Maake.

"MandelaFormer president loves vuvuzela.Zep · Blatter(FIFA current president) also love Vuvuzela. New presidentZumaBecause it blows a Vuvuzela. "

"I will continue to blow the vuvuzela until they die, everyone should blow the vuvuzela, as long as I live, no one can stop the vuvuzela, I will be arrested if the day the vuvuzela is banned comes."

"Vuvuzela is ours.Vuzzela is not a weapon.Traditional, money-free amusement.Brazil has Brazilian drums, Nigeria has Nigerian drums, and we have Vuvuzela There is, Maake. The reporter is finally caught between "Okay ... ....".

"I understood well what I want to say, good speeches ... Thank you" and when the reporter concludes, Maake shouting "Long live vuvuzela, long live! Viva vuvuzela, viva!" And Vuvu Sera million years old. It was a fantastic speech.

Still, to those who say that the noise of Vuvuzela is unbearable, active noise cancelingAnti Vuvuzela FilterIt seems to be sold as well. People who do not want to spend money on the sound of the vibrator sampled from the video of the gameAudacityIt may be good to try making your own tracks in reverse phase (using Audacity "Effect" to "Flip Up / Down" function) with music editing software such as.

Also, if the TV has an equalizer,Reduce the level of the 300 Hz channel to 0 and raise the channel near itEven just it seems to be effective.

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