The packet flat rate plan is abolished due to an increase in communication volume, targeting mobile phones and iPads including iPhone

Although it is a "packet flat rate plan" that has made sense of becoming an indispensable presence while enriching rich contents for mobile phones such as movies and music and smartphones becoming popular, the major mobile phone company in the United States has abolished it Was revealed.

As a result, even for smartphone users including iPhone etc., we will charge fee-based billing, which will be charged according to the amount of data traffic used, but it seems that the increase in the amount of data traffic has a big influence It seems to be.

Details are as below.
AT & T Announces New Lower-Priced Wireless Data Plans to Make Mobile Internet More Affordable to More People

According to this press release, AT & T, a major telecommunications company in the United States, will abolish the packet flat-rate plan previously provided and provide a new data communication plan.The company had suspended new contracts of the iPhone last December following the increase in trafficTherefore, this plan change is considered to be due to the problem of data communication volume.

"DataPlus", which enables data communication of 200 MB at a monthly charge of $ 15 (about 1380 yen), and "DataPro" which enables 2 GB data communication at a monthly charge of $ 25 (about 2,300 yen) "As for users who have already contracted packet flat-rate plans with smartphones and iPads, it is possible to use flat-rate service as before.

For users who use more data communications, for users subscribing to "DataPlus", 200 MB of data communication will be available each additional $ 15, and in the case of "DataPro" It is said that 1 GB of data communication will be available every additional $ 10 (about 920 yen) payment. As a measure to avoid overuse, data communication volume announcement service by mail, traffic measurement application, etc. are also offered.

Users who wish to use data communication on a personal computer by connecting a mobile phone (tethering) are obliged to join "DataPro", and a charge of tethering $ 20 per month (about 1840 yen) as a tethering fee will be charged That's right.

By the way, it is said that only 2% of users affected by the introduction of a new data communication plan are supposed to remain, and it has been revealed that a very small amount of data was transferred by a very small number of users Measures have been introduced to allow unlimited use of over 20,000 wireless LAN spots nationwide provided by AT & T, as an alternative to users who conduct many data communications.

Each Japanese mobile phone company is also facing a positive attitude toward the introduction of terminals equipped with wireless LAN and the introduction of small base stations (femtocells) utilizing home lines, but as a background also the increase in data communication volume Is it that it is there?

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