Ice shop "Coldstone", a movie trying to put all 40 types of topping

Ice cream shop which mixes ice and "to mix" toppings on chilled stone "Cold Stone Creamery". There are many types of toppings such as fruits and nuts, but a movie was made to make ice cream mixed with 40 kinds of toppings in overseas cold stones, It is open to the public.

Details are as below.
Cold stone creamery in crofton in the United States that topping all challenge was done.
YouTube - Will They Build It? Cold Stone (Every Topping Under The Sun - dae)

Ice used 2 quarters (about 2 liters).

There are 40 types of topping on ice. If there are so many kinds of people, ordinary people are lost but if you can put them all you do not have to think about combinations in particular.

I will keep on increasing.

To be amazing it was mixed with various materials.

There are plenty of chocolate alone.

Start mixing from here.

It seems tough to mix well.

Combine and add further cream etc. to complete.

Some parts are melting already.

Ice having a presence is carried to the seat.

It seems to be difficult to eat, the part that protruded from the cup is melted and the desk is dirty.

It seems that it seems to be overwhelmingly elegant although it seems to be icing for those who are not good at sweet things.

Finally, clerk staff are singing.

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