Spicyness enhancement with African chilli, "LEE hot × 30 times" and "Nissin Donna noodles noodle" tasting review

Glyco curry "LEESpeaking of Speaking is famous as a spicy curry, its spicyness is beyond the average dryness, it is expressed as 5 times, 10 times, 20 times. It is more than 30 times higher, but this is not a regular product but appeared every year for a limited time only.

ThatLEE hotness × 30 timesAlthough this year also appeared, how this yearNissin's noodles with noodlesCompete. You can use African peppers as a common ingredient for spicy augmented sauce that can adjust hotness, showing a challenging attitude of saying which one is eating compared to eating.

So, in response to that challenge, I decided to buy both products at a convenience store and eat and compare. Originally there was only goods famous for both painful, there was no compromise in hotness.
LEE and Tengoku noodles, a competition of champions of spicy food.

Glyco curryLEE × 30 times(294 yen including tax).

"Burning African peppery attacks!" And wording that people who are not good at hards are likely to escape are dancing.

One meal 268 kcal. Because curry and supplementary sauce are too painful, it is posted on top of attention.

It is an ordinary retort pack, but even the size of the letter of "LEE" seems horrible.

Spicy enhancement sauce. "Please open so as not to get into your eyes", but even the atmosphere that seems to get rough just by touching the skin somehow.

Warm up the LEE with hot water at once.

This isAfrican hot chilli chicken flavor big taste noodles of Nissin(190 yen per tax).

African peppers are attacking like LEE.

One meal 456 kcal. When you look at the raw materials, you can see that red peppers are contained in fried noodles. In other words, is it noodles that enchanted red peppers?

Such a bad illustration ... ....

African animals are drawn red.

I tried peeling off the lid. It looks spicy at this point. Also, from the moment of opening, I feel that the skin is getting worse.

Pour hot water and wait 3 minutes.

I could do it. My nose gets chilly.

When stirring, a bright red soup appeared.

Curry was also completed, so I tried to cook rice.

It is spicy and smells very nice. Even the editorial staff who is not good at hot things just said that it was odor was also said to be "yummy".

I am anxious that the color is a bit dark.

So it is completion of Ramen & Curry Rice set meal.

The attachment sauce is in paste form. Let's mix thoroughly.

Spicy richness and sour taste like Tom Yum Kung. "It's hot! ... but it's delicious," I will sip a slurp and ramen. It is possible to eat up to the end without unexpected hands. The soup was not a level that can not be drunk, but it was a very well-balanced spicy, with the addition of all the supplement sauce. If you are a painful person okay, you should surely eat deliciously. However, as hot soup's hot spirits are rising, there are things to kill, so be careful when you eat.

Next is curry. Although my hand trembled unintentionally, this is the spicyness that my hands tremble. Honestly, it is about the same as Tonge noodles? I thought that the mucous membrane would be destroyed at the moment I put it in my mouth. It seems that the robber will shoot the gun as soon as it enters the bank. However, when the first shot stops, the waves of umami that will make you feel creamy will come.

Of course, we added the attachment source. Incidentally, adding this source seems that the spicyness which was 30 times increased by 45 times. However, since it is quite painful at 30 times, I did not feel like it changed so much because I increased to 45 times. Maybe the mouth has already been torn. I just give up if it is just painful, but the taste as a curry has made the spoon carry, it screams that it is spicy and screaming, but I will eat moggmog, sweat like a waterfall from the forehead.

Thank you for the meal. Even though I finish eating, the inside of my mouth is beside me, and my heart is hot somehow.

The sweet-like editorial staff ate a bite, but in a moment his complexion turned red and he ran to buy ice-cream by shouting as "red hot! ... it hurts !! It hurts !! bitter !!" Let's not recommend to eat when you eat, and for those who do not like hardships (especially LEE), let's not recommend it.

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