Science fiction movie "Super 8" trailer is awesome in a different meaning, movie fans all over the US solve puzzles

Drama "LOST" and hits in the US "Cloverfield"Star TrekFamous forJ · J · AbramsDirector and thatSteven SpielbergA science fiction movie whose director is making tagsSuper 8"The trailer has been made public on the net, but this does not mean that it is wonderful in terms of image, but it has become amazing in a different meaning.

Wonder what is really amazing, how the trailer movie and the movie fans of the United States (or movie enthusiasts) are fighting enemies who can not see it with full power is from below.
Super 8 - Movie Trailers - iTunes(QuickTime version, the 1080p version of this is the highest image quality + highest sound quality)

YouTube - 'Super 8' - Official Teaser (2011) 1080p HD(Full HD playback possible)

Super 8 Teaser Trailer - Trailer Addict(HD version available)

The point that glows respectively comes from the left and the right

"In 1979, the US Air Force closed Area 51"

The railroad crossing signal is ringing

"All research materials are transported to a secret place in Ohio"

Yellow pickup trucks thrown in ignoring railroad crossings

Runaway in the direction of the freight train as it is

Producer is Steven Spielberg

Frontal collision truck and cargo train

Everything will fly away

Directed by J · J · Abrams

Containers of freight trains are destroyed and various things are scattered

And "something" starts to move from inside the container

Published next summer

What is inside this container ...?

It is understood that it is a container of "the US Air Force"

And the face of a mysterious child

A scene like a peep from the lens of the camera continues in succession

Title "Super 8"

Distribution is Paramount, Screenplay is J · J · Abrams

Just as J. J · Abrams is in charge of the script and director, at first glance it is a short trailer, but the mechanisms and messages similar to "Cloverfield" are indeed finely crunched in there and the corner of the trailer movie We carefully observe everything, disassemble all the frames, and verify the movie fans of the whole nation that solved the mystery are done below.

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Super 8 teaser analysis - Super 8 Viral Wiki

On the night of May 7th, "Super 8" was uploaded a lot of thief movies of preview video that came out before the screening of "Iron Man 2" which is currently open to the public on YouTube and others, but the regular removal from the movie company There was almost no abandon why it was left and a full HD trailer was released on Apple's site on May 11th local time. At this point 'something that there is a reason for not being deleted, that is, the willingness to spread this movie as much as possible, that something is hidden in this trailer movie! A collaborative work to defeat the movie of about one and a half minutes was started on the net.

First of all, it is the character near the last that anyone notices immediately after watching the trailer. In the first place the title itself "Super 8"Super 8 mm film"(Super 8 mm film), Apparently a series of cuts coming out near the last seems to indicate that super 8 mm film. So, if you carefully connect this letter it will look like this.

If you make it even more readable like this. It is written as "S C A R I E S T T H I N G I E V E R S A W".

This means "Scariest Thing I Ever Saw", meaning "a horrible thing I have never seen before", and if you connect all this letter as it is it will be an official site "" ) Will appear.

It is set that this site itself is remotely connected to a terminal somewhere, a console screen appears, and "Y" as it is asked several times (Continue Y / N?) On the way. Finally press "any key to continue ..." and go to the screen that comes out and press any key to proceed further, the mysterious B4 paper size It stops at the screen downloading the file list.

Start remote connection

Mystery console screen

Press "Y" key to get full screen, and you can move forward

By the way, when you move the window that appears first, there is such a different window behind it. "Printing all pages with the default printer" is displayed, and when you click "OK" printing really starts.

It is the one that is printed. "I have proof.", Translating into Japanese "Stop publishing widely, I can answer your question, I have evidence" It is.

In addition, the screen coming out when proceeding to the end stops appearing to be stopped, actually it advances by 1 byte every 5 seconds, and it is expected that it will be completed at 11 o'clock Eastern Standard Time on May 13, 2010 at the present moment It is thought that something will happen further at that point.

This is the one that connects each screen all together

Verification has been done on this site in detail, and first the "PDP-11That is because DEC (Digital Equipment Corp.) 16-bit minicomputer that was issued.

This is the real picture of that PDP - 11. In other words, it connects remotely to this simulator and extracts that data.

ByStefan Kogl

Since the person name "D. Morris" and "05 - FEB - 77" are written, is the author of this simulator itself made by D. Morris on February 5, 1977? It is speculated. Further displayed "STALOG"Research on the modernization of the US Air Force Base automation system,"TU 56"Is a dual tape drive, and furthermore, when analyzing the flash file of this simulator, it is confirmed that the file name of" DEQNA.swf "which is the source file nameDEQNAIt is known that it is the name of the Ethernet adapter used in DEC.

In addition, "E 6425 K" is written on the license plate of the pickup truck which comes out at the beginning and collides with the train frontal, and from these information turned out to be a car registered in 1980 in Ohio, Furthermore, since the number itself can register somewhat whatever you like, perhaps there is something meaningful in this string too? That is why work such as disassembling, rearranging and converting to IP address is done.

Not only that, in the first place this movie called "Super 8" is a movie by J · J · Abrams "Contribution of tribute to Spielberg movies from the 1970's to the early 80's"I am imagining the track that appeared in this yellow truck, Actually Steven Spielberg's" Unknown Encounter ".

Yellow truck which this was driven by Roy Nighy in an unknown encounter

Next, in the scene after this cargo train derailed, "BONHAM" is written when looking at the lower left in the vicinity of the scene where something hits from the inside hitting the container where the mark of the US Air Force was drawn . It seems that the name "Bonham Air Force Base" actually existed in the past and changed its name from the Air Force to the Navy in 1964, is not it about this? It is predicted.

Also, in the scenes where contents of the container are scattered by the derailment, there are 25 boxes in all, it was found out that it is a mobile type air defense center complete from old computer and other things scattered, and also trailer movie Analyzing "sound" of "noise", the noise mixing contains the contents of "communication" which seems to be talking wirelessly by train drivers, and when this noise is removed, the following conversation It was found that it was done.

"Groom Lake One, Wright-Patt [SITREP?] ETA. Over."
"Wright-Patt, Groom Lake One actual. Cargo intact, ETA on schedule."
"Copy Groom Lake One, expect your ..."

"Groom Lake One" is believed to be a call sign used in area 51 and Light · Patterson Air Force Base, and analogy from these evidences, this cargo train is in ArizonaArea 51From OhioLight · Patterson Air Force BaseIt is known that it is in the middle of carrying "something" to you.

The face that seems to be the last mysterious boy and the portion that seems to be the super 8 mm film after that are probably predicted to have been taken from the last tail of this derailed freight train and it is expected that the film Is not there someone who encountered this accident as it is turning the film and photographing and recording it? It is speculated.

Even now it is still in progress, puzzling is progressing, and it is a place where I am very concerned about how it is deployed in Japan. I'd like you to have this kind of movie published at the same time all over the world ... ....

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