You are not the only one who is not twisting, there are 10 different stories showing various people's troubles

Everyone has a day not to tweet a bit, but there is not much to see it by others. There were various kinds of pictures containing such a miserable day.

Various impact scenes were caught, from things that seem to be "there" to what is said to be a terrible disaster.

Details are as below.Galleries - 20 People Having A Bad Day

In addition to having been blown with a bomb from the pigeon, I am receiving direct attacks. seems painful……

The bullfighter sees it as a miserable figure.

The temperature difference between the right side and left side of the person who got mocked is also tasty.

The car involved in the accident is standing vertically with a miraculous balance.

A sense of sadness drifts from a lady who has no choice but to look at how badly the car goes down.

A boy who is getting caught in a hole in the ground and is probably receiving great damage.

When I tried to decide coolly with break dance, there was a collision from the face, from the audience there was a bunch of poke and laughter. I can laugh if it is for every person, but when I replace myself, it seems to be pretty traumatic ......

This is ... I just pray the people below are okay.

I am falling down in a bicycle race, and I am getting more likely to be hit by a car ... ....

It is a pleasure for fans that balls fly to the stand while watching baseball, but it is only fear when it becomes a bat.

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