Four tips to finish what you are stopping by going


For example, even if you think to put on a habit of exercising everyday, it is common for you to throw it away as you dodge your daily life. If you go by other examples, you will be motivated by continuing your motivation even when you are motivated when you start creating hobby homepages, writing novels, and courses you took at a university.

A trick to end such a thing properly was introduced. Things that are likely to be for yourself tend to tackle just ahead of time, but first thinking about putting in a breath seems to be the key to continuing things continuously.

Details are as below.How to Finish What You Start - by Dumb Little Man

1: See if it is a whim

Perhaps you want to work on something, or you may want to get the most out of that hobby, but the motivation is inspired by the recently read books and the movies you saw, or by the appearance of friends working hard on a specific hobby maybe.

Before buying up necessary tools and deciding to prepare to give up the weekend it is important to determine whether this interest that you are holding is not whimpy. Even if you think "I want to start right now", please wait a week. Even if you think that it is very important at that time, it is still that the passion does not last long.

2: Stop at times from time to time

If you are trying to finish it thoroughly for the first time, you need to seriously tackle it. However, it is not recommended to spend a lot of money on that effort. Instead of that occasionally let's stop that hobby. By doing so, you can watch the life of yourself from the diary etc. in detail and eliminate unnecessary schedules. However, this work is not for finding time to spare, that this is too greedy to fill the schedule. It is necessary to properly reflect on how I used time.

3: Follow progress

It is easy to work eagerly for about 30 minutes every day for a period of 1 to 2 weeks after starting things in a triumphant manner. But just working on what you want to do lazily, that momentum has only a few months and you can not get any progress. It is easy to lose momentum if you are working on various things. If you really want to accomplish, let's record the progress.

Let's try to attach a diary or expenditure table, ask if friends are working properly, try check lists and see if they are working properly. It is effective if you go regularly on a span that matches yourself, such as every week.

4: Set your goal yourself

It may seem stupid, but you need to decide at what point to finish what you've started once. Sometimes the goal is set from the beginning, but there are many things that are not so. For example, I do not know where to end just by saying "just for health." It is important to create a goal yourself, such as "to go to that marathon rally". By deciding the end like this, you can work more efficiently, such as just taking a bench press as well as running.

Do not be self - hated because you have so many things to do at this stage and you can not achieve all things. Selling books that you no longer want to read or quitting studies may be discouraging, but by choosing something, you can release yourself who was hooked up. And when you challenge for new things, please pay attention to the above points and try to achieve your own goal.

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