OL's Lunch-like Kentucky "Vegetachkill Roast Chicken and 5 Types of Vegetable Wraps" Tasting Review

There was no news release etc in advance, but Kentucky Fried Chicken will be available from todayVegetable wrapNew product "Roast chicken and five types of vegetable wrapWe started going on sale, so we went to a shop and ate.

It uses five types of vegetables: green curl, lettuce, carrot, cucumber, and onion, and it has a peculiar texture.

Details are as below.
Kentucky Fried Chicken | Product Information | Sandwich | Roasted Chicken and 5 Types of Vegetable Wrap

Since I got to know the information since the day it was released, I was worried whether it was in the shop properly, but when I went to the store a big curtain appeared.

In Kentucky I have offered products that sandwich chicken in various ways, but it is the latest product of that lineup.

Three stars are attached by saying "Recommended for lunch!"

PRAneCanExclusive modelSawano HitomiWithShigeru KumasawaI appointed him.

The set is 610 yen, the single item is 350 yen (price varies depending on the region).

The current new product lineup was like this.

The stacked Kentucky barrel.

So the set arrived.

I opened the top of the bag and picked up the vegetable lap. Originally it breaks the upper half of the bag and eats it.

It feels like vegetables are clinging to big meat.

Here is another thing. The meat is big.

Another thing seemed to be tightly packed with meat and vegetables.

The roast chicken has brown seeds and it is very good flavor coupled with the sweetness of the sauce.

It is as if the vegetable's shakiyaki texture improves appetite while eating.

The vegetables used contain beta carotene and vitamin C, a green curl that is gentle to your skin, lettuce that contains the necessary nutrients in a balanced manner, carrots rich in vitamin A, cucumbers with shakijaki, chewy texture that has a shaky effect, it has efficacy to warm your body Five kinds of onions. Looking at the appealing point, I get an impression for women.

I ate at night this time, but I felt that OL seems to pinch for lunch. It might be a bit unsatisfactory with this one if it is a man.

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