The iPhone of the future can be unlocked comfortably by biological authentication just by having it in hand

The iPhone has not only a multi-touch display that enabled that intuitive user interface, but also three axesAccelerometer, Proximity sensor, ambient light sensor. Furthermore, from 3GGPS, From 3GSElectronic compassAlso it is carrying.

I do not know what kind of features will be installed in the future, but I'm not sure about the interesting features that may be installedPatentApple has filed for it.

Details are as below.
Unwired View: Apple wants to embed cardiac sensors into an iPhone case to identify you

thisPatentWe are talking about electronic devices with sensors to acquire user's heart activity and electrical signals from the skin.

There is a sensor that can acquire an electrocardiogram signal at 322, 324 in the above figure which is the place where the finger is placed when the user grips the iPhone, and also when acquiring the iPhone, acquire the signal of the other hand Assuming that the sensor is placed on the back of the display in the above figure 326. Because it is designed to get a signal when you slide your finger, instead of unlocking with the current passcode, you may be able to unlock just by grasping the iPhone and performing a normal slide operation not.

Furthermore, it is possible to acquire the mood of the user from heartbeat etc., to acquire information based on it, etc. It is possible to use applications such as jogging to measure the heart rate during exercise, applications such as lie detectors judged by heart rate It seems that you can expect to appear.

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