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Kaunet operates the site "I am polishing"I went from March to April 2010 on the above,Survey on consciousness about "self-polishing trip" for 454 working women nationwideAccording to the travel destination, "domestic" answered 60% and "overseas" accounted for 40%, it turned out that domestic travel was popular, reflecting the recession.

"A self-polishing trip" means that "a hot spring trip to refresh feelings, a trip to learn about the culture and food of the land, a beauty tour to hone a body, a temple training exercise that I am looking for" etc. As for the answer, "nature nature" "Power spot"Spiritual atmosphere that seemed to be felt was found in keywords.

So, tomorrowApril 28. On April 28th one year ago, GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

"Chidejika.jp" appeared against the prohibition of secondary creation of a new character "Local digital camera" replacing SMAP's grass - GIGAZINE

All-you-can-eat pizza and pasta unlimited time "Pizza Hut · Natural" - GIGAZINE

There was a crocodile of 3 meters or more when opening the door - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news."Shizuka chan bathing" "Wakame chan Panchira" is OK 2-dimensional child pornography regulation Tokyo - MSN Sankei News(We have set quite specific regulatory conditions for society, usually to make ambiguous content)

How fast is the database when HDD is SSD? Oracle and Fujitsu Experiment - Publickey(The bottleneck of processing is shifting to CPU because hardware and data reading and writing are dramatically faster)

About our new recruitment training: Gyoza no Ohshi(It seems that it was a training of society, "To join a group of workplaces, to find out the significance of spirit and self")

FrontPage - JavaScript programming course understood by manga(Programming, brief explanation from not only language but basic idea)

【Square winning victory】 Completely new RPG "Chaos Rings" of 1500 yen, fool selling around the world: 【2 ch】 New speed VIP blog (`· ω · ')(Winning first place in games, paid app rankings)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): YS11, 11 years retirement Retention cost 9 million yen a year - Society(Politics, YS 11 was planned to be exhibited at the autumn event, escaping the disposition by business sorting, but these items seem to be sleeping a lot in the whole country)

Prior screening of original short animation that expands the world of "Theater version" Literary girl "」 | Hobby | My Combi Journal(Anime, contents of the release in December will be released in May)

Luffy's Straw Hat ~ Oath of Hat with Shanks ~ | Bandai Official Shopping Site to Enjoy Children and Adults(Anime, limited to 100 pieces of wheat straws made by the hat store of the founding Meiji 30 years)

Hisashi Hideyoshi's wife-operated hot spring facilities nearly totally burnt: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Note, buildings in the form of Byodoin Phoenix Hall have become fire in the past)

"SD Gundam Carddass 20th Anniversary" Official website update! | Official Gundam Information Portal Site "GUNDAM.INFO"(Memo, Complete box of New SD Gundam Gaiden [Armor Goddess Warfare] also released)

Desktop Fun: Rural Scenes Wallpapers - How-To Geek(Wallpaper, idyllic country scenery is the theme wallpaper)

Confessions of one sysad "Really hate computers" - Slashdot Japan(Computer, "Computer is an unstable, non-intuitive, fragile hardware and restricted software that I do not know well)" because it is a reason)

Development team's desk, how do you improve productivity? - Slashdot Japan(Starting from development, "It is easier for people facing the wall" or "Walls on the back side is good", and when dividing the developer into rooms, how many people are per room, good with other developers There are opinions as to what arrangement is suitable for collaboration.)

Install free software that you like on "PortableApps.com" in USB memory and carry around - SourceForge.JP Magazine: full of open source topics(Net service, application collection that gather applications that can be booted from USB memory)

Ferry deficit is another cause - East Japan Newspaper(Transportation, the cause of the deficit of the Ise Bay Ferry is mainly due to the failure of the Tokoname route (abolished in 2007) established in 2005)

Penguin grabs a man who steals, Capybara does not prosecute: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(The sin and the type of animals did not decide the crime, the stolen capybara died and I could not find a guilty because the deceased could not be found)

"Pet cremation without another cremation" to re-arrest under fraud: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Society, I had illegally dumped pets in the forest without cremation 10 years ago)

Attempted robbery: Customers repulsed with umbrella Man escaped ... Aichi · Toyota post office - Mainichi jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Society, elderly male customers smashed their elderly robber's back with an umbrella)

The second Japanese appeared on a unique Japanese sword umbrella! New work is a folding style "dagger" - Tokyo Walker(Memo, previous work "Samurai umbrellaA foldable umbrella that is perfect for shy people who could not get a bit of a hand)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): "1Q84" Volume 3 reached 1 million copies on day 12 - Culture(Publishing, in this publication recession, "1Q84", a pleasant advancement, achieves the fastest milion in Shinchosha's book)

To Customers Using SoftBank X06HT | SoftBank(Mobile, fault that it freezes to "HTC Desire released today")

Mobile area maintenance by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, completed examination for 1 year - Mobile phone Watch(There is a sorrowing demand that "My wife will not come without a cell phone, my grandchild will not come back" about the areas where mobile and mobile phone areas are not yet developed)

Development of 21-inch naked eye type high definition stereoscopic display - Displaying stereoscopic images with realistic feeling without spectacles -(Hardware, 21 inch 3D display unnecessary for 3D glasses will be developed)

【Towada Shinya's New Item Diagnostic Office】 AMD's 6 core CPU "Phenom II X6" appealing low price(AMD's 6 core CPU boasting a high potential such as bring out the performance of GPU despite its inexpensive price of 20,000 yen)

【PC Watch】 NVIDIA unified versions and functions of future notebooks and desktop drivers - Also supports Blu-ray 3D TV output via HDMI(Software, unified the functions and versions of drivers for laptop computers and desktop graphic boards which have been widely different until now)

"Wooo" ~ CCC, service development for the first time as home appliances -(Hardware, a new attempt to get T points when buying TV)

About business alliance of Yahoo! JAPAN and DeNA(We plan to launch the social game site "Yahoo! Mobage (tentative name)" in the late summer as a service for net service and personal computer)

"Improving the brain's work when taking a nap": Research results | WIRED VISION(Science, the dreams the subject saw during a nap were often related to the task at hand)

An unemployed man on suspicion of consolidated arson and not being able to meet a relationship partner ___ ___ ___ ___ 0(Society, the girls 'high school girls' curiosity is 19 o'clock, so ignore the abuse to meet)

Mr. Mie Prefectural Police - MSN Sankei news released on suspicion of needle contamination by "large-scale store advancement" arrested unemployed man(Society, another arrestor has appeared two days ago at the store and the same charge)

Softbank, 5 consecutive years operating profit highest KDDI without second place - Sankei Biz (Sankei Biz)(Mobile, expected to be ranked third in the domestic next to NTT and NTT docomo in the operating income forecast ranking for the fiscal year ending March 2010)

Anomalous idea that the work of suffering Japanese is "priority over family" Let's go with Rails!(I've never seen people in Japan, like "Japanese" like "Myths of Dying" "Working from Families" outside Japan ")

Google, Canceling Offering Verizon Wireless Version "Nexus One": Mobile - CNET Japan(Mobile recommends reserving HTC's "Droid Incredible" for Verizon Wireless customers on Google official blog)

Matsuzakaya: Start selling at the Nagoya station store "Thank you for profitability" - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Society, we are developing unlimited possibilities of vegetables that are rising with a long appreciation to close at the end of August)

Ikisaki's "Guyx" fuel sales company is bankrupt - MSN Sankei News(Economy, once "hit as a" reasonable fuel not subject to gasoline tax ")

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