The red uniform goalkeeper doubles the save rate of PK

In a study by British psychologists, the goalkeeper shirt colorPenalty kickIt was found that it was difficult to determine the PK for the goalkeeper of the red shirt greatly by nearly twice as much as the keeper's shirt was blue or green.

2010 fifa world cupAlthough I cut off two months until the opening, in England this research result has a reputation for low PK success rate in the World CupEngland national football teamofPK fightIt seems that expectation is rising if it may become the key of breakthrough of defeat.

Details are as below.Is this England's World Cup hope? Goalkeepers who wear red save twice as many penalties | Mail Online

University of ChichesterDr. Iain Greenlees and Michael Eynon, majoring in sports psychology at Sports Psychology, studied the influence of the color of the goalkeeper's uniform on the performance of the kicker, so that 40 university soccer players, blue, green, yellow and red We conducted the experiment that the same goalkeeper attached to PK tried to do, the result was on April 16Stratford-upon-AvonIt was announced at the annual meeting of the British psychology society held in.

Forty subjects performed PK ten times for each color goalkeeper, and they had a prediction of the success rate of "How many do you think you can decide in 10?" Before trial. As a result, though the expectation of the kicker himself "how many can be decided" was not influenced by the color of the keeper's shirt, the actual PK success rate was 75% for the green shirt keeper, 72% for the blue, 69% of yellow and 54% of red, when the goalkeeper was wearing red, it was clearly lower than the other colors.

Psychologists think that this is because the color "red" works unconsciously of the kicker and strengthens the anxiety. "We have evolved to associate red with danger, domination, anger, etc. This is a biologically descriptive phenomenon.In addition, as a signal representing danger, red is also culturally meaningful, such as traffic lights It is used to warn of danger at places, "Dr. Greenlees said. "Under the stress human beings pay attention to the hidden dangers in the surrounding environment, so red is more distracting for kickers, which affects performance."

As everA study conducted in the UKIt turns out that gaze is sucked to the keeper as much as the kicker is nervous and it is found that the longer the time you are watching the keeper, the easier it is to remove the PK, but the keeper wearing blue and green that blends into the field It may be said that it is "easier to ignore" than the red uniform's keeper.

Also, according to Dr. Greenlees, red uniforms make goalkeeper more "dominant mood" and are aggressive male hormonestestosteroneIt is said that it may be improving the keeper's performance by influencing the level of.

"The findings support the idea that red clothes give a small but significant advantage to athletes and teams, not only when wearing red uniforms, but also boxing and Olympic fighting events etc. , It will also affect if you can randomly assign "red corner" or "blue corner", Dr. Greenlees.

2003 FA Cup victory at the timeArsenalGoalkeeperDavid Seaman. A team whose home color is red like Arsenal may be more psychologically advantageous than other color teams.

Dr. Greenless advised that the results of this research are modestly wishes to be helped by England national team at the World Cup and that incorporation of red in gloves and shoes may be effective I will.

England national team, this summer,Red uniformIn 1966 which won the West GermanyHost country cup held in the countryHe said that he will aim for the glory since the victory,Fabio CapelloAccording to the manager, the team is already working on practicing PK, and in South Africa we have a red awning uniform, so we are thoroughly prepared.

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