The mysterious capture board "DECULTURE PT 2 X 2" which is said to be "exceeding PT 2" will be released

It is said that "PT2" is a 3-wave digital tuner for Earth soft PC's, which is gaining high popularity because it can record up to 4 programs simultaneously for terrestrial digital broadcasting, BS digital broadcasting, 110 degree digital CS broadcasting, but it is said that it exceeds PT2 It became clear that a mysterious capture board will be released.

Its name is "DECULTURE PT 2 X 2"The reservation reception has already started, but what exactly is" over PT2 "?

Details are as below.
Finally released! Capture board exceeding PT2! It is! It is! | Blog of GFOUTLET(Web pioneering)

According to the official blog of "GFOUTLET" in Tokyo · Akihabara, it seems that the mysterious capture board "DECULTURE PT 2X 2" which is said to "exceed PT 2" will be released from May 1. The price is 16,800 yen, which means that we have started accepting reservations at the store from 10th April.

This is the surface of "DECULTURE PT 2 X 2" main unit

The back side looks like this

By the way, this is the surface of "Earth soft" PT2 "

The back side. In comparison, "DECULTURE PT 2 X 2" seems to be quite similar to PT 2 ....?

Bracket of "PT2". By the way, "DECULTURE PT 2 X 2" has no bracket.

The official blog is flooded with questions from users, according to the person in charge of GFOUTLET "DECULTURE PT 2 X 2" is a domestic purchase item, although operation verification etc are not done, using a personal computer with samples She said that she showed me where she works. Also, it is said that drivers and software will be provided as downloads from the site.

Even so, although it is a very worrisome point where it is not clarified where exactly it exceeds PT2, the online shop "Bakery"It is said that the product will be released from May 1, product images are released on personal blogs of purchasing personnel, and"Chip problem? On purpose It is getting bigger with the specification ofYou can see a sentence that is worrisome.

Red PT 2 DECULTURE PT 2 × 2(Web pioneering)

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