"Invasion! Ika girl" starts invasion of animation, decided to TV animation

Manga "We invaded! Ika girl" (work: Masahiro Abe) in the Weekly Shonen Champion series was to be animated, the official website opened. As a squid girl who came to the ground for human aggression, human beings still feel safe in the process, so it seems to decide to invade anime ahead of time.

Details are as below.Being a TV anime making decision! "Invasion! Ika Musume"

"Invasion! Ika Musume" was a comedy manga depicting the activity (?) Of a squid girl who came to the ground to invade humanity, which is serialized in Weekly Shonen Champion from 2007, was originally planned for short-term intensive series Works that officially became a weekly series of things. It is a work with few voices expecting animation, and before the release of 6 volumes of books, the author writes "Animation is made" to the animation's privilege paper, and since it was published on the net, animation became There was also a case that turned out to be a topic.

Director Tsutomu Mizushima. In his latest work, "April broadcasting"Okiku Furikaba ~ summer tournament edition ~In addition to handling it, he supervises a strangely high-tension gag work such as "Bokusoru Tenshi Dokuro-chan" "Great Magic Pass" "Kameko Deluxe!" "Reform without Mudazuma".

Animation production is "Nogizaka Haruka no secret" series of Diomedia.

It seems that it is currently "acclaimed ongoing production" and it has not yet been clarified about the broadcasting time etc, but it is not "comedy attached" OVA but "television animation". Somehow KansaiMONDAY PARKIt is likely to be broadcast within, but what happens?

© Masahiro Abe / Weekly Shonen Champion

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